How To Behave If You Are Surrounded

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How To Behave If You Are Surrounded
How To Behave If You Are Surrounded

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Nobody is immune from attack. The chance of salvation in this case is due to many factors - from the weapon to the scene of the crime. The number of opponents also plays an important role. In a group fight, it is possible to surround a person, thereby depriving him of the opportunity to resist.

How to behave if you are surrounded
How to behave if you are surrounded


Step 1

If you are surrounded in a ring, do not panic. This will not protect you from an attack, but it will prevent you from controlling the situation, which is very important. Gather your will in a fist and deal with opponents confidently and calmly. Speak in an even tone without raising your voice. This can be confusing at times. Remember that simply waving your fists in such a situation will not win.

Step 2

Watch the reactions of your enemies carefully. You will not be able to see those around you from behind, but the moment of their attack can be understood in a few seconds by the eyes of those in front.

Step 3

When opponents are close to you, try to take the first step in the attack. In this case, it is important to correctly identify the group leader and try to neutralize him. Usually he stands in front of the victim, the first to start a conversation and give commands. Disabling the strongest person in a group can confuse many and give you time to escape. You only need to attack if you are not expected to. For example, in the first few seconds after being surrounded.

Step 4

If a fight cannot be avoided, try to go behind the back of as many opponents as possible in the process and do not try to grab the attackers. Try to apply as precise painful blows as possible: in the groin, in the eyes, in the Adam's apple, under the kneecaps, in the kidneys.

Step 5

Don't let your opponents squeeze you into a very tight ring. Spread your elbows, slightly bend your knees and begin to quickly rotate inside the ring, trying to clear your way with your body and hands.

Step 6

Shout loudly during the fight. This can not only confuse the enemy, but also attract people's attention.

Step 7

Don't be heroic. Run away as soon as possible. It is best to run over rough terrain to slow down the attackers.

Step 8

In the event that you are thrown to the ground and continue to be beaten, try to ease your injuries. Lie on your back, pull your legs up to protect the abdomen and chest, bend your head to your knees, and place your palms in the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe temples, but not tightly to them. In this case, the elbows should be extended along the body parallel to the sides. If you feel that your grip has loosened a little, roll to the side and try to escape to a crowded place.

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