How Much Does A Solar Battery Cost

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How Much Does A Solar Battery Cost
How Much Does A Solar Battery Cost

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The solar array system, which converts solar energy into current, consists of a charge controller, a battery, an inverter, and the batteries themselves. The cost of such complexes depends on the technical characteristics and configuration. Before you buy solar panels, you need to do some calculations.

How much does a solar battery cost
How much does a solar battery cost

How much does a solar panel cost?

Various companies sell both ready-made systems, and separately panels or solar panels. The battery-assisted system absorbs sunlight during the daylight hours, powers working electrical appliances, and stores the surplus in the batteries. There are ready-made systems without batteries, they are connected directly to the power grid, where they transfer excess solar energy. Such systems are common in the USA and Europe, but in Russia they are just starting to enter the market, facing a number of problems. For example, mechanisms for the implementation of excess energy and obtaining compensation for them have not yet been developed.

Solar panels are actively used in space research.

You need to understand that the price for already completed systems is lower than for individual battery panels. On the market you can find solar panels from Finnish, American, German and Russian manufacturers. Currently, there are more and more Korean and Chinese-made panels.

For example, 100 W panels made in Finland can be bought for fourteen thousand rubles. Russian counterparts are slightly more expensive - from fourteen and a half to seventeen thousand rubles. But the Chinese offer to buy such products for only eight thousand. Korean models with a power of 100 watts will cost a little more - between nine and ten thousand.

How many panels do you need for your home?

It should be borne in mind that it is undesirable to completely save on solar panels. Suspiciously cheap models can turn out to be of poor quality, and their lifespan can be quite short. On average, solar panels pay off in the interval from two to five years, it all depends on the type of panels themselves, type of terrain and manufacturer. Solar panel prices are daunting at first, but after calculating the ROI, the picture is quite different.

To calculate the required power of solar panels for a particular house, you need to empirically determine the average daily energy consumption of all electrical equipment. This can be done by multiplying the power consumption of each of the devices by the time during which it is used. The results of such calculations for all devices must be summed up. Along the way, you can measure the readings of the electric meter for a week in order to approximately check the result obtained.

The first solar panels appeared in 1954.

Next, you need to determine the rated power of the solar panel system and its efficiency in specific seasons and times. This data can be found in the accompanying documentation for specific solar cell models. The insolation coefficient (the level of sunlight) can be found in special reference books. Based on these data, you can calculate the number and power of solar panels required for the house.

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