Where To Take Bottles

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Where To Take Bottles
Where To Take Bottles
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If a large number of bottles have accumulated in your home, do not rush to throw them away. Having handed them over to the appropriate points of reception, you can earn, albeit small, but still money that can be spent usefully.

Where to take bottles
Where to take bottles


Step 1

Specify where exactly in your city there are points of acceptance of glass containers. There are usually two or three such organizations in each district. You can take glass bottles there, and get a relatively small reward for each of them. On average, you can get from one to three and a half rubles for each bottle. From the collection point, the bottles will be sent for recycling to the nearest glassworks.

Step 2

If we are talking about plastic bottles, you will have to hand them over to a collection point for secondary raw materials. There are not too many similar organizations in a large city, so you will have to try to find them. It is worth noting that you will receive much less compensation for returning plastic bottles than for returning glass ones.

Step 3

Don't have time to deal with bottle delivery? You can just throw them in a landfill, there will always be those willing to hand over the vessels for you, but in this case you will not receive a dime. Homeless people will be only too happy if you take the bottles to the trash cans.

Step 4

There is another way to get rid of the bottles - just throw them away. However, any urn will not work here. In European countries, a separation for all types of waste has long been introduced, in Russia this has begun to be introduced relatively recently. However, if you see trash cans for glass and plastic, feel free to dispose of the bottles. But at the same time, you should also not expect that you will receive any money for this.

Step 5

By handing in bottles to a recycling center, you can make the work of industrial packaging companies easier. In addition, the creation of new bottles, compared to their recycling, has a much more negative effect on the environment, therefore, by handing over the containers, no matter how strange it may sound, you can help nature.

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