How To Send A Parcel To France

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How To Send A Parcel To France
How To Send A Parcel To France
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Are you planning to send a parcel to France? The easiest way to do this is through the Russian Post. It may take a long time for your shipment to reach the addressee, but this method of sending will be relatively inexpensive.

How to send a parcel to France
How to send a parcel to France


  • - the passport;
  • - money to pay postage and customs duties;
  • - materials for packaging.


Step 1

Before you go to the post office, check if all the items you have prepared for shipment are to be sent. Among other things, it is forbidden to send any alcohol and tobacco products, perishable foodstuffs, plants, cultural values, products with precious stones to France. A complete list of illegal attachments can be viewed on the official website of the Russian Post.

Step 2

Not all post offices accept postal items abroad. In many localities, a parcel to France can only be sent from the main post office. Call the nearest post office and find out if they will accept your parcel.

Step 3

If you are shipping fragile items, pack them yourself, however, so that the postal workers can easily see the contents of the package. Bring bubble wrap, soft paper, or cellophane bags to fill the voids with you.

Step 4

Having arrived at the post office, select the type of shipment. A small amount of small items weighing up to 2 kilograms is most profitable to send in a small package. Send documents and papers by parcel post. Arrange heavier shipments as a simple or valuable package. The maximum weight of a parcel is 20 kilograms. The approximate cost of a shipment can be calculated independently using the automatic tariffing agent Please note that in addition to the weight fee, you will be charged a customs fee, the amount of which depends on the type of shipment.

Step 5

Purchase a mailbox that matches your package. Pack the parcel without sealing the box. Show your passport and fill out the customs declaration and inventory issued by the postal worker. Be careful when entering items. If in doubt, consult with the department staff - some of the information (for example, the weight of objects) will be indicated by him. Take your time - it's better to waste a few extra minutes than rewrite the entire form later.

Step 6

Rewrite the address correctly. The postal worker is unlikely to be able to check the correctness of its writing, and in case of an error, the parcel will not reach the addressee. In France, the first line contains the name of the recipient, followed by the house number, street, city and country. If your addressee is renting, add the landlord's last name after their name.

Step 7

Pay the postage. You will be given a receipt with the obligatory indication of the tracking number, by which you can track the path of the parcel.

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