How To Germinate An Avocado Seed

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How To Germinate An Avocado Seed
How To Germinate An Avocado Seed

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Anyone who has ever tasted an avocado must have been delighted with the extraordinary bone that this fruit has. It is so large and unusual that even a dilettante and a person far from cultivating domestic plants begin to itch their hands. What can we say about avid florists. So, you decided to plant an avocado, but how to do it right?

How to germinate an avocado seed
How to germinate an avocado seed


  • - a glass of earth,
  • - seedling pot,
  • - universal soil,
  • - matches,
  • - pots.


Step 1

Be patient. The avocado seed is really very large. It is for this reason that it takes a very long time to germinate. Place the pit in a small container of soil with the widest part at the bottom. The container should be slightly larger than the bone itself, about the size of a plastic cup. The purpose of this container is the accumulation of moisture. The fact is that it takes a lot of time and moisture to swell an avocado, and no soaking in rags and cotton wool can be dispensed with. By placing the seed in a small amount of moist soil, you do not have to worry about moisture. Just water your future avocado regularly and wait. After about 30-60 days, a crack will appear in the dense skin of the bone and a sprout will appear.

Step 2

Transplant the avocado into a seedling pot. When the sprout reaches a height of 10-15 cm, the plant can be transplanted into a larger pot. Young avocado stretches up very quickly, so do not be surprised if after a month it reaches 25 cm. Make sure that the soil ball is constantly well moistened. During this period, the plant actively grows leaves, but the root system is still underdeveloped and does not have time to deliver the required amount of moisture upstairs. To prevent the strong evaporation of your avocado from looking sluggish, you need to water it regularly.

Step 3

After the avocado has grown to 20 cm, it can be transplanted into a large pot. Of course, you should not immediately plant the shoot in a huge tub. Choose pots with high walls, a radius of about 20 cm. It is in such a pot that the avocado will feel good and will be able to build up sufficient root mass. The soil can be either universal or special with the mark "for green plants" or "for palms". Since the leaves in the avocado are large enough, care must be taken to ensure that the soil is constantly well moisturized and has a loose top layer.

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