Folk Omens: What The Weather Will Be Like In Summer

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Folk Omens: What The Weather Will Be Like In Summer
Folk Omens: What The Weather Will Be Like In Summer

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Summer is a long-awaited time for Russians. I would like to know the weather in advance in order to properly plan your weekend and vacation. Unfortunately, forecasters are often mistaken, so folk signs can come to the rescue.

folk signs about summer weather
folk signs about summer weather


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Folk omens are the invaluable experience of ancestors who independently, without any instruments and weather forecasters, accurately determined the weather. After all, it was on such forecasts that all sowing and harvesting work in the fields, planting of vegetable crops, and hay harvesting were based. Unfortunately, now this experience is rarely used, but time has already proved that it is folk omens that provide more complete information about the summer period than the predictions of meteorological services.

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Baptism in ancient times predicted the weather for the next summer. If the sky was clear on January 19, a warm summer was expected. And by the moon it was possible to determine the presence of summer rains: if the moon is growing, we should expect numerous summer showers, if it is decreasing, on the contrary.

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Another Russian holiday is the Annunciation in April. In Russia, they considered what the weather was on that day, this should be expected in summer. If there is sunshine, a sunny summer is guaranteed. On Easter, they also wondered about the weather. If the weather was sunny and clear on this holiday, it was worth waiting for a warm summer with many sunny days, as well as a bountiful harvest. If the sun on Easter day appears and disappears, in summer you need to wait for the alternation of sunny days with thunderstorms.

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It is possible to predict summer weather according to folk signs in spring, when the snow begins to melt. To do this, it is necessary to trace in the forest from which side the snow begins to melt on the anthill. If from the north, you can expect a warm, long and sunny summer. But when the snow melts from the southern side of the anthill, this means one thing: the summer will be short, you should not expect heat. If there is a lot of cobwebs on the trees in the spring months, this is a very auspicious sign - the summer will be dry and hot. A sign of drought is when lightning flashes during a thunderstorm, but no thunder is heard.

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But directly the summer changes in the weather can be guessed by the birds. If swifts, swallows and larks fly high, the day will be sunny and free of rain. But if poultry (chickens, geese, ducks) clean their feathers, grease them and echo, it is worth waiting for a thunderstorm. Prolonged peals of thunder are the harbingers of prolonged bad weather and even the appearance of hail.

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There are many folk signs about the weather for the summer, all of them cannot be enumerated. Of course, many may doubt their accuracy. But only one thing can be said - forecasters make mistakes no less often and often give less reliable forecasts.

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