How To Build A Windmill

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How To Build A Windmill
How To Build A Windmill

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Today, hardly anyone will use a windmill, because it has long been replaced by modern technologies and the latest equipment. However, the need to manufacture such a device still arises. As a rule, windmills are used as a decorative building in a country house or personal plot, near farms or other agricultural complexes and land. The windmill is a beautiful decorative element and a rather practical building, where you can store, for example, building or garden tools.

How to build a windmill
How to build a windmill


Step 1

Carry out work to deepen the foundation. It should be deepened by about 60-70 cm, and then fold the brick base in place of the deepening. Sheathe the plinth with 50 x 100 mm wooden beams.

Step 2

Make a frame from steel sheets with dimensions of 80 by 120 and 270 cm.It is best to weld from a corner of 50 by 50 mm.

Sheathe it with a 40 x 40 mm wooden beam. If possible, you can fix the lining on the beams using ordinary self-tapping screws.

Step 3

Place the steel frame on the plinth.

Cover the wood inside and outside with special impregnation to protect it from moisture and all kinds of weather conditions. The impregnation should be applied in several layers (the first is a primer, the second two are varnish and the main color). Insulate the inside of the mill with Styrofoam and sheath with plywood.

Step 4

Use timber beams to support the roof structure on top of the framing. Place a continuous sheathing on the rafter system. For this, you can use the remaining lining. Cover the crate with roofing material in two layers, then lay any roofing material of your choice.

Step 5

Proceed with making the screw after the mill design is complete. Take two heavy-duty rolling bearings and a three-quarter axle.

Step 6

Collect the blades of the mill. They can be made from ordinary wooden beams with a section of 50 by 50 mm, as well as from slats 20 by 40 mm.

Step 7

Fasten the blades with self-tapping screws and secure the windmill in the place provided for this.

Step 8

The windmill is ready. Grinding grain in it, of course, is not possible, but watching the movement of the blades during the wind is very interesting. Moreover, in this mill you can arrange, for example, an outdoor shower or, as already noted, store garden tools, toys, etc.

Step 9

However, you can install millstones, but making them yourself is impractical, it is better to purchase circles in a hardware store, and a reporting device in a car.

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