How To Sharpen On A Lathe

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How To Sharpen On A Lathe
How To Sharpen On A Lathe
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A lathe is a device through which workpieces from various materials are processed by rotation. It can be used to make threads and grind cylindrical and tapered surfaces. Due to its practicality and ease of use in various conditions, it is widely used in most industrial enterprises in our country.

How to sharpen on a lathe
How to sharpen on a lathe


Step 1

The lathe is very easy to learn and, if desired, almost any person who is more or less familiar with the principle of operation of such industrial units will be able to learn how to work with it. To sharpen on a lathe, insert a workpiece between the two ends of the travel shaft, which receives rotation from the trolley. Then press "Start" on the dashboard and start processing the workpiece.

Step 2

Move the cutter that will act on it slowly and carefully, as the slightest awkward movement can damage the workpiece or lead to an accident. If the knife on the cutter is dull, change it. If you do not know how to turn on the lathe and how to operate it, seek help from more experienced work colleagues. They will explain to you in detail the procedure for turning on / off the machine and teach you how to operate it.

Step 3

Practice daily, and over time, you will achieve good results and become a real turner. Also read the instructions for use of the lathe. It should describe the solutions to all those problems that you will encounter during its operation.

Step 4

When working on a lathe, wear protective clothing and tie your sleeves well. Otherwise, careless movement will wrap the fabric around the rotating parts of the machine, which could result in injury. Follow the safety precautions when working with a lathe, and you will protect your health and the health of your colleagues.

Step 5

Screw-cutting lathes are used in many industries and are rightfully considered the most versatile of all types of lathes. They are mainly used for one-off or small-batch production of various parts and workpieces. The table-top lathe is designed for cylindrical, conical and shaped processing of metal, wood and plastic. For better threading, it is equipped with a special indicator.

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