Which Areas Of Moscow Are The Most Polluted

Which Areas Of Moscow Are The Most Polluted
Which Areas Of Moscow Are The Most Polluted
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Unfavorable ecological situation - lack of living in megalopolises. However, the degree of contamination of areas in large cities differs. In Moscow, for example, there are options with more or less comfortable living conditions in this sense.

Which areas of Moscow are the most polluted
Which areas of Moscow are the most polluted

Unfortunately, Moscow is not only a wonderful, beautiful, dynamically developing, large and interesting city, but also very dirty and dusty. Inhabitants of some parts of the capital suffer from high concentrations of harmful substances in the air, lack of green spaces and poor water.

The most polluted districts of Moscow are those located near highways or other large traffic flows, as well as near heat and power plants and factories.

Districts such as Brateevo, Maryino and Lyublino suffer from emissions of harmful substances from vehicles. There are no green areas, parks that can smooth the situation. The situation is no better in the center of Moscow: living within the Garden Ring means breathing in harmful volatile substances every day. Therefore, putting in opposition to the attractive geographical location of this area a critical situation in terms of ecology, think carefully about whether to buy an apartment here or in a greener place.

Residents of the south-east of the capital suffer from the proximity to industrial enterprises. Here, along the Moskva River, there are many of them. The activities of factories concentrated in this area, of course, have a dramatic negative impact on the environment. Therefore, Kapotnya can be added to the polluted areas of the city.

The ecology in the Central and South-Eastern districts, namely, in Marino, Yasenevo, Otradnoye and Vykhino, is endangered due to the location of thermal power facilities here.

The overestimated content of hydrogen sulfide is observed in areas located near the oil refinery, as well as treatment facilities: Kuryanovskiy and Lyuberetskiy. Residents of Kozhukhovo are also dissatisfied with the strong air pollution.

If you are faced with a choice of residence, pay attention to areas such as Zelenograd, Mitino, Strogino, Yasenevo, Krylatskoye, Teply Stan. Here the ecological situation is most favorable.

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