How To Know Which Dog Is Right For Me

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How To Know Which Dog Is Right For Me
How To Know Which Dog Is Right For Me

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When choosing a dog, you should be guided not only by its external data. Find out information about the nature, habits and needs of the representatives of the breeds you like and choose the dog with which you will be most comfortable.

How to know which dog is right for me
How to know which dog is right for me


Step 1

Decide why you are getting a dog. If you need a security guard in a private house, shepherd dogs, alabai, rottweiler, black terrier are best suited for these purposes. Greyhounds, huskies, cops, hounds will be good for hunting. However, many representatives of these breeds eventually retrained as indoor pets. It is better to choose a puppy for hunting from working parents.

Step 2

If you want a pet for the soul that can become your companion and faithful friend, you should choose the breed based on the coincidences of your temperaments and physical capabilities with the dog. If you are young and active, look out for terriers. There are many varieties of terriers, from small scotch tape to large Airedale. They are curious and capable of becoming true friends, cheerful and tireless.

Step 3

For phlegmatic people, breeds that do not require long walks and are unobtrusive at home are suitable - for example, Labradors. Older people may not be able to handle a large dog. It is better for them to get a calm and affectionate lapdog or poodle. A cocker spaniel or a dwarf pinscher - a small but active companion who will gladly participate in outdoor games - will be an excellent gift for a small child.

Step 4

Consider if you have the opportunity to care for a long-haired pet. Many breeds with thick and beautiful coat - Scottish Shepherd Dogs, Komondor, Chow Chow, Shih Tzu look very impressive, however, they require regular grooming: combing or trimming. And to wash thick and long hair after a walk in the rain is not so easy. If you understand that you will not be able to provide the dog with proper care, give preference to short-haired breeds - pinschers, dachshunds.

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