How To Dry Ski Boots

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How To Dry Ski Boots
How To Dry Ski Boots

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In winter, many people like to skate and ski, including mountain skiing. But after long skiing, the ski shoes get wet and the ski boots need to be dried. Of course, if you are not going to ride again the next day, you can leave the boots alone and they will dry on their own, but this is a very long process and the shoes usually do not have time to give up all the accumulated moisture overnight. How then to proceed?

How to dry ski boots
How to dry ski boots


Step 1

Purchase a special electric boot dryer. It consists of two small devices connected by one plug. First insert one device into the inner boot of the boot, then in the same way, insert the second device into the second boot, and only then connect the plug to the outlet. The dryer will start to glow with a pleasant light on the eyes. The drying process itself takes about 7-9 hours. After that, you can immediately put on your boots and go skiing in the mountains.

Step 2

Use the traditional drying method. Remove the boot from the boot and place it next to the heating appliance. Just be careful not to put it too close to the device, otherwise you will ruin the earbuds. Maintain such a distance that warm air enters the boot, but, in no case, does not heat it up too much. Strong heating leads to deformation of the inner boot, as a result of which it will be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous to ride in such shoes.

Step 3

In order not to pull out the boot every time you dry, leave the shoes for a while in the cold. As soon as the boots are cool, bring them into the room, close the boot and put them to dry near the battery for thirty or forty minutes. Make sure that your shoes do not come into contact with the battery, otherwise it will quickly deteriorate. After the shoe has warmed up, move it away from the battery and only then open the boot.

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