How To Return A Gold Piece

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How To Return A Gold Piece
How To Return A Gold Piece

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Gold items have been appreciated and in demand at all times. They are a favorite gift for most women. However, you need to be very careful when buying. Often, products are of poor quality or counterfeit. In this case, you have the right to demand an exchange from the seller or return the goods.

How to return a gold piece
How to return a gold piece


  • - gold product;
  • - check;
  • - claim;
  • - witnesses;
  • - lawyer;
  • - a claim in court.


Step 1

In accordance with Article 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights", you can return a gold product to the store if it does not meet state standards. It must have an assay mark or a sealed label. The last one indicates the name of the product and its manufacturer, type of precious metal, article, weight, characteristics of inserts made of precious stones, price.

Step 2

You can return the gold item to the store even if the clasp breaks or a stone falls out. In this case, an examination will have to be carried out, which will confirm that this happened as a result of a factory defect. You can return the purchased product if it does not meet the characteristics indicated on the sealed label.

Step 3

Save your receipt. Since it contains data about the organization from which you purchased the product. The check is a good help in solving your problem. Especially if the organization has changed its name or has changed its location.

Step 4

Write a claim in duplicate. Indicate in it the number of the purchase, the amount to be paid, the date of the discovery of the deficiency in the product and the deadline for fulfilling your request. According to Article 22 of the Consumer Protection Law, your claim must be satisfied within 10 days.

Step 5

Give one copy of the requirement to the store, and keep the other for yourself. Your copy must be signed. If the claim was not accepted, send it by registered mail with a receipt acknowledgment. You can also serve a copy of the request in the presence of 2 witnesses. At the same time, make a note in the claim: name of eyewitnesses, address and passport data.

Step 6

Within the specified period, your request must be considered and satisfied. Otherwise, consult a lawyer of a public association of consumers and file a claim in court.

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