To Whom And How To Report Traffic Violations

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To Whom And How To Report Traffic Violations
To Whom And How To Report Traffic Violations

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All traffic offenders cannot be punished by the traffic police. Even with modern tracking tools, most unscrupulous motorists go unpunished. How should a respectable driver or pedestrian behave when a violation occurs in front of his eyes?

To whom and how to report traffic violations
To whom and how to report traffic violations

Why many of us, faced with the so-called "rudeness on the roads", are in no hurry to report the violation, but prefer to bypass it - literally and figuratively?

First, it seems to us that no one will take such treatment seriously or will completely ignore it. This is only partly true - modern methods of working with complaints received by the traffic police are still not processed efficiently enough. But in order to change the situation for the better, you do not need to close your eyes to problems with the thought “I will somehow get around / go around”.

Secondly, we do not know how and where to send a traffic violation report. And this can be done in two ways.

Bureaucratic fuss

The first way to report an offense is by writing a written statement. The trouble is that this option is quite troublesome: you need to send it by mail or take it to the traffic police department on duty. In addition, without the attached video or photograph, where the fact of the violation will be clearly recorded, it has no weight at all. You will first have to shoot the violation on camera, print it out or record it on disk, fill out forms, write appeals …

It should come as no surprise that law-abiding motorists and pedestrians are not actively involved in such activities. It takes much less time to swear and go around a car parked in the middle of the road than to do this paperwork, which takes up to 30 days to process.

Traffic police online

The second method is much simpler and more convenient, moreover, it is available to almost every modern person. All you need to report an offense online is a mobile phone with Internet access.

The scheme of actions is simple. You shoot the intruder on the camera so that you can see what exactly he is violating, as well as his license plate. Then go to the traffic police website and fill out a simple questionnaire to which you attach the file. The main thing is not to forget to indicate in this very questionnaire the state number of the offender, the place, date and time of the offense. You do not need to enter your passport data. It is enough to indicate the name, surname and address or telephone number, where you will receive an answer.

If you do not want the offender to come to your home with his claims one day, indicate your e-mail, and not your home address, since your data will be available to him. Indeed, according to the law, he has the right to familiarize himself with all the materials of the case.

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