What Is The Harm From A Computer

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What Is The Harm From A Computer
What Is The Harm From A Computer

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Nowadays it is difficult to imagine life without a computer. These devices have relatively recently entered human life, firmly taking their place in all spheres of activity and turning into irreplaceable assistants. But do not forget that no matter how good a computer may be, it bears irreparable harm to human health!

The computer causes serious harm to human health
The computer causes serious harm to human health

The computer is both friend and foe

For some people, a computer is an irreplaceable assistant at work, for others it is a guide to the virtual world, for others it is a tool with which social communication is carried out. The computer has accelerated many technological processes, as well as simplified social communication between people. For example, with the help of computers, accounting calculations are carried out much faster, and lonely people can contact their distant relatives without leaving home.

But with all this, the computer causes irreparable damage to the human body, and you can't argue with that. Scientists who have studied the benefits and harms of a computer for a long time have come to the conclusion that, despite all the negative consequences of using it, people will never be able to refuse the help of these electronic "friends".

Computer harm

The computer is harmful to your eyesight. The fact is that small vibration and flickering from the monitor (CRT, LJ) can overload the muscles of the eyes, which slowly but surely leads to a gradual decrease in visual acuity. It is when working at a computer that most people suffer from the so-called dry eye syndrome, caused by the partial drying of a film of tear fluid. Constant eye strain can cause a spasm of accommodation, i.e. false myopia, which is treated with a whole range of special exercises.

The computer is harmful to the spine. Long-term work in the same position puts stress on the same muscle group. At the same time, there is no load on the back muscles! All this can lead to their degradation and destruction of intervertebral discs, which, in turn, will cause osteochondrosis. In addition, in a sitting position, the load on the intervertebral discs increases significantly, which can lead to the appearance of a herniation of these discs, to the occurrence of pain in the extremities, in internal organs, in the head, etc. In childhood, the constant use of the computer in the wrong position can lead to a curvature of the still fragile spine.

The computer emits electromagnetic waves. It is curious that this negative factor was noted by doctors as one of the main culprits for the undermined human health. Fortunately, modern computer monitors are safer than their predecessors, but not completely harmless! It's worth remembering.

The computer is harmful to the genitourinary system. The fact is that a long sitting posture in front of a computer provokes a thermal effect between the chair (sofa, armchair) and the human body. This leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic region and negatively affects the genitourinary system. As a result - hemorrhoids or the risk of prostatitis in men.

The computer is harmful to the human psyche. The computer has a particularly harmful effect on the fragile psyche of a child: modern computer shooting games, distinguished by their cruelty, often undermine the mental health of the younger generation. In addition, the computer often turns serious people into so-called trolls - energy vampires who feed on the emotions of the Internet community. This has a detrimental effect both on the psyche of the provocateur himself and on his victims.

The computer undermines overall physical health. A long stay at the computer provokes a lack of physical activity in a person.All this can lead to metabolic disorders in bone tissue, as well as to a loss of its strength - hence poor posture, and sunken chest, and dry fingers, and much, much more.

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