Is There Anyone Else In The Universe

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Is There Anyone Else In The Universe
Is There Anyone Else In The Universe

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Surely people are not alone in the universe. It's just that humanity is not yet ready to accept the fact of the existence of intelligent life outside the solar system. Selfishness and the habitual picture of the world make it difficult to see what is hidden from the vigilant eye in the daily hustle and bustle.


A rare person has not thought about whether there is another life in the Universe besides the earthly one. It would be naive and even selfish to believe that only on planet Earth there is intelligent life. The facts of the appearance of UFOs in different parts of the world, historical manuscripts, archaeological excavations indicate that people are not alone in the Universe. Moreover, there are “contactees” who communicate with representatives of other civilizations. At least they say so.

Double standard

Unfortunately, most of the discoveries made under the auspices of the government are classified as "Top Secret", which hides from ordinary people a lot of facts about the existence of other forms of life in the Universe. For example, several thousand images taken from the surface of Mars have gone missing, showing channels, unusual structures and pyramids.

You can talk for a long time about the possible life within the solar system and beyond, but the scientific world needs evidence that can be felt, looked at.

Last interesting discovery

For several generations of scientists have been trying to find evidence of the existence of intelligent life in the Universe. Recently, a regular meeting of the American Astronomical Society took place, during which an important event was announced: with the help of the Kepler observatory equipment, it was possible to discover a planet that is very similar to the Earth in both its parameters and astronomical position.

It would seem, what's the big deal? It turns out that the atmosphere of the discovered planet has clouds formed by water! Of course, the presence of clouds does not mean anything if we consider the question of the existence of life on the planet. Although thirty years ago, scientists assured that the presence of water on the planet would mean that there is life on it. Clouds are direct evidence of the presence of water.

Although it has long been known that Venus also has clouds, they are composed of sulfuric acid. In such conditions, life cannot develop on the surface of the planet.

To answer a number of questions, scientists under the auspices of NASA decided to send a satellite in 2017, which will go beyond the solar system. He will have to find evidence of intelligent life outside of it.

Maybe it’s not worth looking for Earth?

According to many researchers, representatives of other civilizations periodically visit our Earth. It was they who left the Kerch catacombs, underground codes under the Ural Mountains, in Peru, in Antarctica, which are still used today. Very well written about them in the books of G. Sidorov "Chronological and esoteric analysis of the development of human civilization." There are many facts on its pages that confirm the existence of intelligent life outside the solar system.

Until now, experts cannot answer the question of how the pyramids were built in Egypt, Mexico and Peru. It is quite reasonable to assume that they were erected by representatives of other planets for their own purposes.

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