How And When The Universe Was Formed

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How And When The Universe Was Formed
How And When The Universe Was Formed

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The universe, which is sometimes called space, consists of galaxies, that is, star systems. Today there are various hypotheses about the origin of the Universe, but there is not a single scientifically proven fact. All of these theories are based on the assumptions and calculations of various scientists.

How and when the universe was formed
How and when the universe was formed


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The founder of the study of the Universe was the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who wrote a work on the heliocentric system, which said that the Earth is part of the larger universe. In subsequent times, the works of N. Copernicus were improved and supplemented by other scientists, but it was the Pole who was able to give humanity basic knowledge about the cosmic world order.

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The most comprehensive and complete study of the Universe began only in the 20th century. This was due to the development of technology in science. At the moment, it is known that the main chemical element that is part of the Universe is hydrogen. Its volume is 75% of the total conditional volume, in second place is helium, the volume of which is 23%. The rest is occupied by minor chemical impurities. For many years, mankind has been watching the development of the Universe in order to understand the reasons for its origin.

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The main theory of the formation of the universe is the big bang theory. When all the matter in the Universe was in a molten state, its mass reached a critical point, as a result of which a big explosion occurred, which formed numerous galaxies. Based on this theory, which is considered fundamental, the age of the universe is estimated at more than 13 billion years.

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At the moment, the Universe is expanding, and this fact cannot be explained by this theory. In addition, it is believed that with a big bang there would be no uniform distribution of substances that are part of galaxies. From another point of view, the big bang theory explains the relic radiation that occurs in the universe.

The exact shape of the universe is also not defined today.

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There is another theory that the universe was formed due to the constant expansion of proto-matter. This is the modern version to explain the current expansion of outer space. The theory says that galaxies are flying apart now, and the universe is 20 billion years old.

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Physicists claim that due to gravitational fields and electromagnetic radiation, the Universe pulsates and thereby expands from the center to the edges of its border. These theoretical views do not conflict with the above, but when confirmed, they may well become a new theory of the birth of outer space.

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In the ancient world, as in the Middle Ages, it was believed that the emergence of the universe was of divine origin. Although even in ancient Greece, they tried to explain its origin with the help of minimal scientific knowledge, which was at that time.

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