How To Deal With Hunger

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How To Deal With Hunger
How To Deal With Hunger

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The habit of eating satisfyingly and abundantly invariably leads to obesity and health problems. You can lose weight and get rid of many diseases by cutting back on your meals. But at the same time, the constant feeling of hunger can be so painful that a nervous breakdown is provided. But suppressing your appetite is pretty easy.

How to deal with hunger
How to deal with hunger


  • - protein breakfast;
  • - essential oils;
  • - green tea.


Step 1

Review your diet. During the day, you should eat 5-6 times in small portions. In this case, the stomach will be filled evenly, and the feeling of hunger will visit you much less often. Avoid spicy, spicy and salty foods. Condiments and spices stimulate your appetite, and you will definitely want to eat more.

Step 2

Pay special attention to breakfast. Its size can vary depending on your needs, but it should be made with protein, such as an omelet or chicken sandwich. Such a breakfast will relieve you of hunger for a long time.

Step 3

Arrange a fasting day by choosing any one product, for example, kefir or buckwheat porridge. As a result, you can not only cleanse the body and gradually reduce weight, but also reduce the volume of the stomach. Therefore, in the future, the feeling of hunger will visit you less often.

Step 4

Do light exercise daily. If you are serious about fitness or strength training, your trainer should draw up a meal plan. But in everyday life, do not neglect morning exercises or an uncomplicated yoga complex at home. Daily half-hour workouts regulate the balance of hormones YY peptide and ghrelin, which are responsible for the onset of hunger.

Step 5

Have an aromatherapy session. Essential oils of sweet orange also dull the feeling of hunger. Take a bath with salt mixed with a few drops of this oil. Warm water will provide additional relaxation. After this pleasant treatment, have a cup of green tea. That being said, remember that, for example, mint stimulates appetite, while milk oolong creates a feeling of fullness.

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