What Is Made Of Cotton

What Is Made Of Cotton
What Is Made Of Cotton

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Cotton is the oldest natural fiber used for different purposes depending on the culture and era of a particular country. They learned to process and receive cotton fiber since the time of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Its scope is very wide.

What is made of cotton
What is made of cotton

Cotton fabric has a number of beneficial properties, such as softness, lightness, harmlessness to health and excellent thermal conductivity. Therefore, cotton is used to this day, if not in pure form, then in conjunction with other synthetic and natural fabrics in the production of various garments.

The cotton content in summer clothes is high. Most of T-shirts, summer sundresses, socks and other summer products are more than 50% cotton. Here the factor played a role that cotton is incredibly light and is able to quickly absorb and evaporate moisture.

Only long cotton threads are used in the production of clothing. Shorter ones are processed further and they make excellent personal care products, including cotton swabs, sticks, pads, diapers and much more, because cotton is a hygienic and natural material.

Not so long ago, cotton fabric began to be used in the production of artificial leather for the automotive industry, as well as a number of elements for car tires. When processing cotton, seeds with the so-called underfilling remain. The underfloor is used in the production of plastics, photographic paper, photographic films and even paints and varnishes. Cotton seeds are rich in fats, so they are used to produce oil for the cosmetic industry.

Even garbage from cotton processing, such as cake and husks, does not go to waste. It is added to compound feed for cattle, because it is rich in proteins, the total weight fraction of which exceeds 40%.

In many oriental cultures and beliefs, various protective amulets are made from cotton, saving from evil spirits, illness, poverty and failure in love. It is very easy to make such a charm by taking a handful of any 27 seeds and a piece of cotton fabric. The seeds are folded into fabric and wrapped, then a cotton thread is taken, the fabric is tied, and then the resulting bundle is hung around the neck.

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