Oak Wood As A Material

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Oak Wood As A Material
Oak Wood As A Material

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Oak wood is used as a material in shipbuilding, shipbuilding, furniture production, etc. Bog oak is a special wood, expensive and noble, with an exquisite dark brown and black color.

oak furniture
oak furniture


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Oak is considered a classic carved heartwood. The kernel is yellow-red or dark brown, the sapwood is light yellow. The wood of this tree is very strong, hard, has high strength and resistance to decay. Therefore, oak wood is used as a material where special strength is required. Among other things, this breed also has a beautiful texture, which is why sculptors and carvers are so fond of it. Wood with thin annual rings - thin and soft, it lends itself well to mechanical processing.

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Oak wood has found its use in the manufacture of furniture. Furniture made of solid oak is not only aesthetically attractive, but also comfortable, durable, comfortable and refined. If you do not know from what material to choose furniture for a study, bedroom or living room, then you will not be mistaken if you choose oak furniture. The texture of this wood is voluminous and expressive, it not only does not get lost over time, but acquires only a greater touch of antiquity and every year as a good wine becomes richer and more refined.

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The most valuable is bog oak. To obtain it, oak trunks are kept in water for decades, and then a material of beautiful dark brown and black color is obtained. Expect to shell out a decent amount of money for a bog oak furniture or interior decorating accessory.

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Oak lamellas and boards are indispensable in the manufacture of parquet, chipboard, veneer, plywood, stairs, railings, etc. When choosing oak parquet, it should be borne in mind that one type needs further processing with a layer of oil after laying, while the other is already covered with UV-resistant oil that does not need a final finish. In any case, no matter what type of flooring you choose, you will receive an environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetically pleasing coating, noble and made to last.

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Oak wood, including bog oak, is used in shipbuilding and shipbuilding. This production is completely waste-free, since sawdust is further processed, resulting in tanning extracts. One of these is tannid, which you can find in many drinks and teas. It gives them a pleasant aroma and unusual taste. Young oak branches are used to make a special powder used in veterinary medicine.

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The most durable and beautiful stairs, windows and doors are made of oak. And the wood of this tree is also used for the production of rivets, which fasten the individual elements of the barrels. Oak wood as a material is equally good for both indoor and outdoor use, it can often be found in the structure of bridges and berths.

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