How The Fern Blooms

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How The Fern Blooms
How The Fern Blooms

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Fern is one of the most mysterious plants on the planet. Still would! Who at least secretly dreamed of finding and picking its mysterious flower, which gives its owner untold treasures and the ability to understand the language of animals.

How the fern blooms
How the fern blooms

Where and when to look

The heat color, as the fern flower is also called, appears on the night of Ivan Kupala. You need to look for him in a clearing in the middle of a dense forest. Moreover, it is necessary to go alone, without fear and without looking back. Having found a fern bush, daredevils draw a circle around themselves and wait for midnight. And at that single moment of the year when the flower shines with a fiery color, you need to pick it and leave. However, it is very difficult to do this, since the devils in every possible way prevent such an intention and intimidate a person.

The happy owner of a fern flower becomes perspicacious, acquires the ability to open any locks, see underground treasures, communicate in the language of animals, become invisible or change his appearance. Many have tried to find the heat-color, but none have succeeded, since, unfortunately, the fern does not bloom. In Ireland, for example, it is argued that the reason for the plant's bad luck is the curse of St. Patrick.

What Science Says

The fern is a spore-free, sporeless plant of the kochedyzhnik family with large, strongly dissected leaves. The fern usually grows in dark, humid places. This ancient plant reaches a height of 90 cm. The peculiarity of the fern is the absence of seeds. Reproduction is carried out using sori located on the lower part of the plant.

And since the fern reproduces by spores, it cannot bloom. Although there are two infrequently found species of fern in nature - the snake and the grapefly, which have a kind of "buds" that open in dry weather. They remotely resemble flowers, but are actually sporangia.

Fern application

And although the fern cannot give a person supernatural abilities, he still saved some gifts. Aqueous infusion of rhizomes is widely used to treat rheumatism. The herbal decoction is very useful in treating coughs and for relieving joint pain. The powder made from the roots helps well in the fight against intestinal parasites, in addition, it helps to relieve congestion in the intestines and spleen. Fern is also widely used in the treatment of malaria, tinnitus, varicose veins, to restore the psyche in case of serious disorders of the nervous system.

Fern is also a popular houseplant. It is not difficult to grow it, you just need to follow some simple rules: the soil in the pot should be constantly wet, and the air in the room should be humid enough.

Hope remains

Despite the fact that science considers the fern to be the most common plant, sometimes you want to believe that somewhere in a distant forest at the very midnight a heat-color lights up with a magical fire, leaving people at least the opportunity to find it and become a part of a mysterious ancient legend. And let the botanists of little faith boredly insist that the fern does not bloom, but simply reproduces by spores. How can this interfere with the miracle?

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