How To Give Pearls

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How To Give Pearls
How To Give Pearls
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Many contradictory signs are associated with one of the most beautiful and mysterious precious stones - pearls, sometimes advising it as a gift, or, conversely, prohibiting giving pearl jewelry.

How to give pearls
How to give pearls


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Pearls have been attributed with mystical properties since antiquity. It was believed to improve health, tone, and even neutralize poisons. A pearl in a glass of wine protected the drinker from poisoning, a method of murder that was not uncommon in the Middle Ages. However, there was (and still does not exist) a certainty on the question of whether or not pearls can be donated. To the ancestors this stone seemed too mysterious, born not in the depths of the earth, but in a living being.

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Astrologers assure that pearls are ideal for everyone who is born under the sign of Pisces, and recommend that girls and women wear them as a sign of purity and purity. The obligatory presence of pearls in wedding dresses of brides in many countries of the world is also associated with this symbolism. In ancient Greece, there was even a custom to symbolically tie newlyweds with a pearl necklace, recalling marital fidelity.

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At the same time, signs say that pearls are a "stone of tears", and to receive it as a gift is a sign of lamentation and disappointment. However, these signs mainly relate to dreams: it is in a dream to give, find or receive pearls - to tears. As for the real world, there is a little secret: the stone of love and fidelity - pearls - always reaches out to a couple, so it is better to give pearl jewelry as a pair, for example, a necklace and a bracelet.

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Basically, pearls are given to a young bride for a wedding, but, according to legends, pearls also help in business matters, protecting their owner from dishonest deals and helping to establish connections.

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It is possible and necessary to give pearls, this stone, like no other, symbolizes purity of thoughts and spiritual beauty, strengthens health, and, of course, brings joy.

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