How To Store Pearls

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How To Store Pearls
How To Store Pearls
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Pearls are organic minerals. It produces a special type of shellfish that produces mother-of-pearl. Humanity has known pearls since time immemorial - pearls were found during excavations in Pompeii, in ancient treasures. It is believed that pearls are more capricious than their inorganic precious counterparts, and therefore, so that a pearl necklace or earrings do not lose their radiance, they must be properly stored.

Pearls are the oldest of jewelry minerals
Pearls are the oldest of jewelry minerals


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Wearing pearls To prevent pearls from fading, losing their luster and noble shine, pearls should be worn as often as possible. Contact with human skin, skin secretions has a beneficial effect on the stone. There is even a belief that if the owner forgets about his pearls, the stone grows dull, sad and even may die. However, the achievements of the cosmetic and perfumery industry that a person uses are extremely harmful for pearls. Contact with deodorant, perfume, and various creams can deprive a necklace of shine. When going somewhere, jewelry with pearls should be put on yourself 10 minutes after the makeup is finished. Upon returning home, pearl threads, bracelets, earrings are removed from the body first. In addition, you need to remember that this mineral does not like bright sunlight, which means that it is completely unsuitable for a summer toilet.

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Storing pearls Pearls should be stored separately from other jewelry. This is done because in a box with diamond rings, silver and gold necklaces, delicate pearls can be scratched on the sharp edges of other jewelry. In a jewelry box, pearls should have their own section. But it is best to store necklaces, earrings, rings with pearls in a bag made of suede, velvet, or other non-abrasive fabric. Cotton fabrics are not suitable for storing pearls. Every two to three years, you need to change the threads in the beads, stringing the pearls again. As a rule, this service is offered in jewelry workshops.

Step 3

Pearl Care Pearls should be periodically polished with a velvet cloth to remove plaque and dirt. If it becomes necessary to clean pearls, this is done with salt and a linen bag. Sprinkle the necklace or bracelet with a teaspoon of salt and then wrap it in linen. The cloth should be rinsed in water until all the salt is dissolved.

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