8 Types Of Lies We Believe In Again Every Time

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8 Types Of Lies We Believe In Again Every Time
8 Types Of Lies We Believe In Again Every Time

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The world is full of various stereotypes that have been around since childhood. They help someone to justify certain actions and actions, someone is pushed to take decisive steps, but among them there are such types of lies that you absolutely want to believe in again and again, although they only darken our life and prevent us from moving forward …

8 types of lies we believe in again every time
8 types of lies we believe in again every time


Step 1

"It's not time yet"

Familiar phrase, isn't it? How often she chopped off all beginnings in the bud. A kind of convenient screen, which can be used to justify any inaction. Never use this phrase in your life, especially when making some important decisions. Stop postponing everything for "later": next Monday, month, year. If you don't start now, you will never start. Remember this, so as not to regret wasted time.

Step 2

Loved ones must unconditionally agree on everything

Silent consent is rather a violation of the will of a loved one. In addition, it is common for everyone to be wrong, which means that you can no longer be right in everything a priori. Hearing the truth from your partner is much more valuable than constant assent. Ultimately, accepting your partner for who they are is true love.

Step 3

Dreams will remain dreams

Often in childhood you were told: "Stop hovering in the clouds", "Stop dreaming all the time, it will not bring you any good." Is it really? The invention of the first light bulb, for example, was preceded by a dream, as well as Edison's burning desire to make his dream come true by all means. Another thing is that dreams, of course, must be supported by actions, then they will not be in vain.

Step 4

To be strong is to be callous

In fact, strong personalities are ordinary people. In fact, you will never see their tears, but not because they are too callous and heartless, but because in public they have no right to give themselves slack. In most cases, ordinary people can hide behind the mask of a strong personality, just as vulnerable and sensual as those who have never claimed to be the mighty of this world. To be strong is, in fact, to be responsible and organized. After all, only having a strong character can you cope with any, even a very difficult situation.

Step 5

Only ideal people can be interesting

Thinking so, many put on invisible masks, becoming ideal in everything in front of others. For such people, as a rule, everything is for show. They post perfect photos on social networks, create in public the appearance of an ideal loving family, always say only the right things, although in reality everything can be completely different. By doing this, you run the risk of becoming uninteresting to others on the contrary. People can even intuitively feel your lies and not sincerity, besides, those around them love those who do not hide their imperfections, but openly work on them. Therefore, be sincere, believe me, this will arouse much more interest in you.

Step 6

There is always something missing for complete happiness.

This stereotype forces you to be in the eternal pursuit of happiness. Such people think something like this: “I’ll buy a car / apartment / dacha / iPhone and I’ll definitely become happy”. However, getting what you want, for some reason, the cherished happiness does not come. The whole problem is only in the fact that you need to be able to rejoice here and now, regardless of the circumstances. Even with problems and difficulties, you can feel happy. And if there is no happiness, then no material wealth and achievements will help.

Step 7

Revenge is a dish served cold

If someone hurt you, don't try to retaliate. Mature individuals find the strength to understand the offender and forgive. Resentment is the lot of the weak, remember this when you want to hurt someone in return.

Step 8

In any situation, you can follow the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance is actually very tricky. This is a kind of slippery slope that leads nowhere. Choosing such a path, think about why you need it at all and where you will end up if you do not need to strain on this path. After all, any serious success is achieved only with blood and sweat, constant involvement in work, and the secret shortest path simply does not exist. Therefore, you either do and get results, or you do nothing, there is no third alternative way.

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