Colt "Python" - Past And Present

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Colt "Python" - Past And Present
Colt "Python" - Past And Present

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Colt "Python" is the most famous revolver in the world, which was made by the gunsmiths of the American company Colt. This weapon became famous for its beautiful appearance and a number of technical characteristics. Today "Python" continues to hold a leading position in popularity and is used not only for real shooting.



The first self-cocking Colt "Python" was first presented to the public in the post-war 1955, becoming the main weapons line of the Colt company. Its main technical characteristics, which made this revolver famous, include the most accurate combat, high reliability, safe handling and, of course, the famous design. Excellent accuracy "Python" provided a thread with a pitch of 1:14, applied inside the revolving barrel, as well as a successful barrel locking system.

Colt "Python" became the first revolver of the company, which was aimed at the factory using a laser collimator sight.

Initially, some of the first Python models were made with a nickel plated finish, but later this finish was dropped and replaced with either stainless steel or blue burnished carbon steel. Immediately after the release, the Colt became mega-popular among connoisseurs of weapons and law enforcement officials - the Python, which has a six-inch barrel, was even made the uniform weapon of American police officers. However, progress displaced it from there with simpler automatic pistols, and in the nineties the large-scale production of the Python was stopped altogether. Until 2005, the company produced an exclusively exclusive version of the Colt - Colt Python Elite, and then completely discontinued its production.


To date, the Colt "Python" has not lost its popularity - it is considered an elite revolver and is well sold in private arms markets. In addition, it is very often used for filming Hollywood blockbusters and is even used as a prototype for a huge number of computer games. Quite often kings, Arab sheikhs and Hollywood stars purchase custom-made "Python" for their weapon collections.

This Colt became the prototype for many modern revolvers, which received its incredibly stylish design.

Today in private collections you can find "Python" with barrels of different lengths - for example, the Colt Python Target (203 millimeters) has the longest barrel, while the standard version of the "Python" assumes from 102 to 152 millimeters. Initially, it was "sharpened" for the 357 Magnum cartridge, but today it can be fired with the less powerful 38 Special cartridges, for which the long-barreled Python Target was provided.

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