Micathermic Heater: Device Features

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Micathermic Heater: Device Features
Micathermic Heater: Device Features
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In many Russian cities, the beginning of the heating season is often delayed until the first snow. Warmth in the house is all the more important if the family has small children for whom you have to wash every day. It is difficult for the elderly and sick people in cold apartments. Micathermic heaters are the optimal solution in such situations.

Micathermic heater: device features
Micathermic heater: device features

Home heaters of various types and models have become traditional in everyday life. The most common of them are oil and fan heaters.

Like the sun

A new type of household heating devices has appeared on the market - micathermic heater.

Its principle of operation is based on the fact that, unlike its predecessors, it does not warm up the air in the room, but all objects that fall into the zone of its infrared radiation. This principle of operation is similar to a natural and natural source of heat - the sun or a fire. Suffice it to recall how quickly a person warms up under the sun's rays or by an open fire, even on a frosty cold or damp night.

The micathermic device very quickly heats up the lower, that is, the most important area for people in the room. The heat is felt immediately after switching on the appliance, unlike other types of heaters, which require at least two hours of operation to achieve the same temperature in the room. Therefore, the micathermic heater is indispensable not only in bedrooms and children's rooms, but also in summer cottages, garages and even in industrial premises. By the way, it will not be difficult to deliver such a heater to the country house: it is lightweight and compact, easily fits in the trunk of a car.

A plate is used as a heat source in a micathermic heater, which equally distributes light waves into space. Heating it itself is excluded, so even if you accidentally touch the plate, there will be no burn. The plate is covered with mica on both sides, therefore the micathermic heater does not have a heat carrier, the problem of wear of the heating elements disappears by itself.

Economical, compact, safe

Undoubtedly, the mikathermic heater is deservedly appreciated by the consumer. The economy of this device attracts - it consumes 30 percent less electricity in comparison with traditional heaters, and the efficiency of its heating is several times higher.

Micathermic heaters have a high level of safety - even after several hours of operation, its body cannot heat up above 60 degrees, so it is safe for children and patients with limited movement. This device does not "burn out" oxygen in the room, which is important for maintaining and maintaining health. The micathermic heater works absolutely silently, so it does not have to be switched off at night. The rules for the safe operation of a micathermic device are simple and not burdensome: clean it from dust in time, do not install it near surfaces with a synthetic coating and do not hang laundry on it to dry it.

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