How To Joke On New Year's, So As Not To Offend Anyone

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How To Joke On New Year's, So As Not To Offend Anyone
How To Joke On New Year's, So As Not To Offend Anyone

Video: How To Joke On New Year's, So As Not To Offend Anyone

Video: How To Joke On New Year's, So As Not To Offend Anyone
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New Year's Eve is remembered throughout the year. In order not to make enemies for a whole year, you need to celebrate this holiday so as not to spoil the mood of anyone. Jokes should be harmless, pranks should be harmless. Bring a little kindness to this holiday, and those around you will surely appreciate your efforts.

Jokes with friends

A friendly company is the most fertile society for practical jokes. Jokes for friends can be "gags" or "peppercorns". The main condition is not to offend anyone. Before implementing a joke, just "try" it on yourself and think about whether you would be offended if you became a victim of such a joke.

One of the most innocuous jokes is "a joke with a snowdrift." You will need two people to play the prank: you and a seasoned volunteer. A volunteer is buried in a snowdrift not far from an entrance or a country house. If you don't want to bury yourself, you can sit behind a snowdrift. You come with the guests to the entrance and give a secret signal (this can be any loud exclamation). At this moment, a volunteer jumps out of a snowdrift with wild screams. The audience experiences a slight shock that quickly turns into laughter.

If the event is planned in your home, you can prepare a drawing called "What is this New Year ?!" Go out to meet guests in pajamas, with the lights off, and sleepy. Act out complete surprise and bewilderment about why "this whole crowd" came to you. This works especially well when some of the guests are already sitting in the next room. You are guaranteed a good mood of the guests.

Family holiday

New Year's Eve in the family circle can be decorated with a drawing with several boxes. You can only joke with adults: children will not understand such humor. The classic version: wrapping a small gift and a huge number of boxes of different sizes. A small valuable gift is packed in a small box, which goes into a larger box, and so on. Having received a huge box, a person begins to unpack his gift for funny pranks of friends and cannot get to the middle in any way. The main thing here is that the "middle" does not disappoint, otherwise such a rally can ruin the mood.

If you are confident that the victim of the prank has a good sense of humor, you can move on. Put something of little value or unnecessary in a large box with a bow: a jar of cucumbers or your old sneakers, for example. The moment the box is opened can be captured on film. Immediately after the rally, apologize and give the "victim" a real, nice present.

Prepare an additional surprise for the child: in addition to the standard gift "from Santa Claus", present something from yourself. Hide the gift in the room and draw a treasure map leading to the gift. The map should be beautiful and colorful, complete with clues and riddles. Solving riddles, the child will explore the room and get closer and closer to the cherished place. Adult relatives may also be involved in the search process.

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