Social Reality As A Process

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Social Reality As A Process
Social Reality As A Process

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Social reality as a process consists of the totality of all conditions of social life. The existence of the social world, the reality of social phenomena and processes are the most important components of social reality, its creative force.

Social reality as a process
Social reality as a process

Social process

Social means - social, i.e. belongs not to nature, but to society. But society is part of nature. Therefore, the close relationship of various social changes in nature is expressed in the concept of "social process", which provides for the continuity of social changes in society. These changes are caused by the desire of various communities to influence the prevailing social conditions to meet their interests. A social society is described not as a stable state with social changes, but as a process of movement, transformation or alternation, that is, any change in an object of interest over a certain period of time. A social process is a sequence of changes in the state of a social system, expressed in a change in relations between people and relations between the main components of the system.

Components of social reality

A multitude of heterogeneous and at the same time interrelated phenomena constitute social reality. But the main component of social reality is the person himself, his community, relationships, activities, communication. All social reality is dynamics. Man consists of material and spiritual, body and soul. This duality is the trail left by man in the social world.

Social reality is an organized reality, ordered and structured. Society is not only consistent order, it is a single world in which the principle of organization, from time to time, is replaced by the principle of integrity and consistency. Being the most complex of all types of reality, social reality includes not only natural and material objects, but also psychological and speculative formations.

Most clearly expressed in the works of E. Durkheim, social reality consists of many phenomena and processes called social facts. They exist objectively, regardless of whether a particular person takes part in them. Social facts are special processes inherent only in human society. Social facts are different from natural phenomena, as they contain the spiritual component of the social reality of society. But at the same time, social processes with an objective given differ from the facts of consciousness and the subjective state of the soul of a social object.

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