How To Tell A Ruby ​​from A Pomegranate

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How To Tell A Ruby ​​from A Pomegranate
How To Tell A Ruby ​​from A Pomegranate

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The blood red ruby ​​is one of the most precious stones. In terms of price, rubies of pure saturated color are second only to diamonds. Therefore, attempts to pass off something cheaper for an expensive stone are not surprising. Most often, scammers offer a variety of pomegranate as a ruby ​​- red pyrope. Gems are very similar in appearance, but you can still distinguish them.

How to tell a ruby ​​from a pomegranate
How to tell a ruby ​​from a pomegranate


  • - magnifier with high magnification;
  • - dichroscope;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - magnet;
  • - electronic balance.


Step 1

The main difference between ruby ​​and garnet is the presence of dichroism. The phenomenon of dichroism can be observed using a special device - a dichroscope (Haidinger's dichroscopic magnifier). In stationary polarized light, ruby ​​crystals change their color to darker depending on the angle of view. This phenomenon is not observed in pomegranates.

Step 2

Under ultraviolet light, rubies glow orange. Pomegranates do not have a glow. This is also due to the peculiarity of the crystal structure and dichroism.

Step 3

Examine the gem in good lighting with a magnifying glass. Needle-like inclusions are clearly visible in rubies. If the ruby ​​is cut in cabochon, then these inclusions create the effect of a six-pointed star.

Step 4

Crystals of natural ruby, as a rule, have an uneven color. Garnet has an even color, the same inside the whole stone.

Step 5

The toughness of a ruby ​​is significantly higher than that of a garnet. Ruby leaves noticeable scratches on crystal and topaz. Only crystal can be scratched with a pomegranate. The glass counterfeit will not leave marks on any of the reference stones.

Step 6

Ruby has a very bright shine, its sparkle can be compared only with a diamond one. With pomegranate, the shine appears to be more oily, softer and more muted.

Step 7

Another feature of garnet that distinguishes it from ruby ​​is magnetism. Garnet crystals tend to be magnetized. Put the product with the gem on the electronic scale and bring the magnet to the stone. If you have a garnet in front of you, the weight of the jewelry will change slightly.

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