How To Open A Semicircular Lock

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How To Open A Semicircular Lock
How To Open A Semicircular Lock

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A semicircular or padlock is not particularly reliable, but it enjoys a well-deserved popularity of the "keeper" of utility rooms, attics, garages and similar premises. Due to the infrequent demand for keys from locks to them, it is difficult to find, which leads to the need to open the padlock using improvised methods.

How to open a semicircular lock
How to open a semicircular lock


  • - the padlock
  • - angle grinder (saw-grinder)
  • - discs for metal for grinders
  • - paper clip or wire - 2 pcs.
  • - bottle with liquid nitrogen
  • - a hammer
  • - chisel
  • - crowbar-crowbar


Step 1

Install a metal cutting disc on the grinder and bring it to the bow of the lock. Turn on the saw and press the blade down to where the shackle fits into the grooves. Saw it through. Then turn the case to the side and remove the lock.

Step 2

Take a wire or some paper clips and straighten them in a straight line. Then bend the tip of the first in the shape of the letter G and insert into the bottom of the keyhole. Turn the pick in different directions and determine where the lock opens. Turn to the desired direction and hold in place.

Step 3

Insert the second pick into the top of the keyhole. Try to feel it with the tip of the pins inside the lock. Pick them up one at a time. After that, turn the first master key and open the lock.

Step 4

Using a liquid nitrogen cylinder, clean the bow. Wait approximately 5 seconds. Place a chisel on the frozen spot, and then hit it hard and hard with a hammer several times. After that, treat the bow with liquid nitrogen again and strike until a crack appears. Point a chisel into it and split the bow of the lock.

Step 5

If the shackle at the lock is very thick or made of durable material and you could not break it, then fix the lock so that it does not wobble to the sides (for example, pin it to the door). Then treat the place where the shackle connects to the lock case with liquid nitrogen. Wait 5 seconds. Attach a chisel to this place and strike so that they fall on the body of the lock. Knock the bow out of the case, turn it to the side and remove the lock.

Step 6

Take a crowbar and push it into the hole between the shackle and the lock body. Lift the end that is in your hands up, and rest the other tip against the wall below the lock. Put all your weight on the crowbar, pull it down sharply until the bow comes out of the grooves. Unscrew the case to the side and remove the lock from the hinge.

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