How To Disassemble A Quartz Watch

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How To Disassemble A Quartz Watch
How To Disassemble A Quartz Watch

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The watch periodically stops due to the trivial contamination of the clock mechanism. It is not necessary to go to the workshop every time, it is enough to read once how to disassemble a quartz watch step by step, and then assemble it following the instructions.

How to disassemble a quartz watch
How to disassemble a quartz watch


  • Tweezers;
  • brush;
  • petrol;
  • pointed stick;
  • rubber bulb;
  • knife;
  • screwdriver.


Step 1

Kinematic and schematic diagram of the watch mechanism: 1 - balance;

2 - double roller;

3 - balance axis;

4 - through stone;

5 and b - consignment and impulse stones;

7- spear;

8 - restrictive pins;

9 - anchor plug;

10 - anchor fork axis;

11 and 12 - inlet and outlet flights; 13 - spiral;

14 - coil block;

15 and 16 - pins of the adjusting thermometer;

17- escapement wheel;

18 - through stone;

19 - tribe of the escape wheel;

20 - second wheel;

21 - tribe of the second wheel;

22 - second hand;

23 - intermediate wheel;

24 - intermediate wheel tribe; 25 - central wheel;

26 - tribe of the central wheel;

27 - drum;

28 - winding spring;

29 - drum shaft;

30 - xiphoid overlay;

31 - drum wheel;

32 - dog;

33 - dog spring;

34 - cam clutch;

35 - winding wheel;

36 - clockwork tribe;

37 - clockwork shaft;

38 - transfer lever; 39 - transfer lever spring (lock);

40 - winding lever;

41 - spring of the winding lever;

42 and 43 - transfer wheels;

44 - bill wheel;

45 - tribe of the bill wheel;

46 - hour wheel;

47 - hour hand;

48 - minute hand;

49 - minute hand tribe

Step 2

Remove the case back of the quartz watch. Check if there is a thread on the cover. Unscrew. If it does not twist off, pick it up with a knife or small screwdriver. Visually check the integrity of the movement. If there are faults such as a broken spring, broken or bent wheels, loose screws, it will be immediately visible. In this case, take the watch to a workshop.

Step 3

Remove the mechanism from the case. If the watch mechanism is taken out without removing the winding shaft, then the whole procedure is facilitated several times. If you cannot do without removing the shaft, take a pair of tweezers and pull the dog through the crown to the extreme position. While holding the pawl with tweezers, rotate the crown by hand, thereby releasing the mainspring. Remove the winding shaft by placing it in the hand-shifting mode and loosening the twist-lever screw. Now you can get the mechanism out of the case. Reinsert the screw.

Step 4

Using tweezers, check if the center wheel is in contact with surrounding parts. It should rotate freely. Check the spiral and drum in the same way.

Step 5

Remove the hands and release the dial. The second should be removed first, then the minute hands. Then remove the dial with the hour wheel and hour hand. Check the condition of the feet. Check all rotating parts of the switch mechanism by forward and reverse rotation. See if the winding and shifting levers are locked correctly.

Step 6

Remove the balance bridge from the plate along with the balance assembly. Unscrew the screw of the spiral column by 1, 5-2 turns, separate the balance assembly from the bridge. Don't let the balance hang at the end of the spiral.

Step 7

Remove the anchor bridge and the anchor itself. Make sure that the mainspring is fully deflated.

Step 8

Remove the center, intermediate, second and escapement wheels. Check their position on the axle and the adhesion between each wheel and its corresponding gear, inspect the teeth.

Step 9

Remove the drum from the platinum, open it and check the condition of the mainspring.

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