How To Attach The Fish Finder To The Boat

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How To Attach The Fish Finder To The Boat
How To Attach The Fish Finder To The Boat

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The presence of an echo sounder on a boat will surprise anyone for a long time. The models are so light and compact - they are successfully used even on small inflatable boats. When installing an echo sounder, some boat owners have difficulties with both mounting the transducer and choosing a place to install it.

How to attach the fish finder to the boat
How to attach the fish finder to the boat


Step 1

Be aware that if improperly installed, the fishfinder will continually or at times - much more dangerous - give incorrect readings. Therefore, consider the choice of the location of the echo sounder transducer with all responsibility.

Step 2

Mount the echo sounder emitter to the boat transom using the brackets supplied. The sensor should be mounted in such a way that it is in the water in all modes of boat movement. If you put the fishfinder on a motor boat, choose a place with a minimum amount of air bubbles - they greatly affect the correctness of the instrument readings.

Step 3

Make sure that the sounder transducer is not tilted, otherwise the instrument will give incorrect readings. The sound wave emitted by the sensor must travel vertically downward.

Step 4

Lower the fishfinder as deep as possible, but be aware that this increases the likelihood of damage to the transducer or its bracket if it touches the bottom or hits an obstacle. The design of the bracket must ensure that it can be folded back together with the sensor in the event of a strong impact. The reclining version is convenient when pulling the boat ashore and transporting it.

Step 5

On a plastic boat, glue the echo sounder from the inside of the hull with the emitting side to the bottom. Just glue it to the outer shell, and not to the reinforcing and insulating inner layers. If there are any, carefully cut a recess in them to match the shape of the sensor. Glue it onto epoxy, then fill the space around the sensor with epoxy.

Step 6

Mount the echo sounder to the inflatable boat without a transom. In such a boat, the seat is sometimes the only stable element. To mount the echo sounder, you can use a curved metal tube or strip of metal, one end of which is attached with a bolt or clamp to the seat, and the other, with a transducer, bends around the cylinder and is lowered into the water.

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