How To Open A Pepper Mill

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How To Open A Pepper Mill
How To Open A Pepper Mill
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Ground pepper is the more fragrant the fresher it is ground, which is why gourmets and good housewives prefer not packaged spices, but whole ones, which are ground in mills immediately before eating.

How to open a pepper mill
How to open a pepper mill


Step 1

Pepper mills are of two types. The first includes items of well-known (or little-known) manufacturers of kitchen utensils, specially designed for reusable use and capable of serving their owners faithfully for a long time. As for the second category, these are, in fact, not even mills, but rather plastic packaging stylized for this utensil for pepper, which have the "gift" to grind their contents. For example, we can name the brands "Kamis", "Mlinok", "Kotani" and others. They are simply not suitable for reuse: according to the manufacturer's idea, these mills-packaging must be disposed of as their contents are used. But many of our compatriots do not agree with this alignment: "For what purpose will I buy a new mill if I already have one network?" The inquisitive enterprising minds of the Russian people are tormented by the problem: "How can you open this disposable mill in order to fill it up again and again with its contents, thus making it reusable?"

Step 2

If you also want to open the melinichka, make cuts along the side seams of the plastic cover with a sharp knife. After that, the cover can be easily removed. You can now refill the container. Fasten the plastic cover with any convenient retainer (plastic ring, technical clip) or heat it so that it melts a little, however, in this case, know that you will definitely not be able to remove it a second time without damaging it, and the design will lose its attractiveness.

Step 3

Dip an empty pepper bag with the lid down in very hot water, hold it for a couple of minutes and pry it open with a knife - the lid should come off easily.

Step 4

In glass mills, the lid is held by a rubber seal on a plastic or metal ring. To fill up the pepper, you need to pull the rubber band out from under the ring, having previously torn or cut it. The cover can be easily removed, and you can fix it by simply replacing the seal with a new one.

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