How To Print All Sms

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How To Print All Sms
How To Print All Sms

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Many large mobile operators today provide their customers with such a service as invoice detailing. Undoubtedly, it is convenient to find out, for example, the time of a particular call; in addition, detailing can be useful in the event that you have lost your phone or sim card. The printout of all SMS is also in great demand, however, no mobile operator provides such a service (you can find confirmation of this on the official websites of the operators).

How to print all sms
How to print all sms


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The telecom operator "Beeline" is no exception, he does not print out SMS messages, but he provides the service "Account Detailing". It makes it possible to find out the dialed and incoming numbers, the duration of calls, their type (for example, a service call, city, mobile), the date of calls, the time of sending SMS messages, their cost, as well as data on the GPRS session. In the event that you use a postpaid payment system, you can get the "Account Details" on the official website of the operator. In addition, it is possible to send a written application by fax (495) 974-5996, as well as write to [email protected] It will cost from 30 to 60 rubles (everything will depend on your tariff plan). If you are a client of a prepaid system, then you can also use the service directly on the website or in one of the Beeline offices (take your passport with you). For using the service, the operator will debit your account from 0 to 60 rubles

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Megafon also provides call detail. You can activate the service at the company's office or through the Service Guide on the website. Remember that this operator does not provide a printout of SMS for any client's request. The maximum that is possible is to detail the account (for example, find out the time of calls, receiving SMS, mms).

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"Mobile detailing" from the "MTS" company is a service that allows you to get detailed information about the actions performed from your mobile phone during the last three days (this can be writing off funds for communication services, using mms, sms, GPRS, as well as voice services). However, such information as changing the tariff plan or removing (adding) services will not be provided. You can activate "Mobile detailing" by dialing the command * 111 * 551 #, sending an SMS message with the text 551 to the number 1771 or using the "Mobile portal". In order to receive information about the latest actions performed, dial SMS 556 and send it to 1771; you can also use the command * 111 * 556 #. The activation of this service is free, there is no subscription fee.

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