How To Draw Up An Act Of Shortage

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How To Draw Up An Act Of Shortage
How To Draw Up An Act Of Shortage

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In carrying out financial activities, company executives acquire material assets from third-party organizations. Goods are accepted by a commodity expert, storekeeper or other responsible person. If there is a discrepancy in the quality or quantity of goods, an act is drawn up, which has a unified form No. TORG-2.

How to draw up an act of shortage
How to draw up an act of shortage


Step 1

First of all, fill in the "header" of the act. Enter the name of the company, legal address, telephone number and the name of the structural unit. Indicate which document is the basis for drawing up the form.

Step 2

Fill out the table on your right. Enter here OKPO, OKVED, serial number and date of drawing up the form.

Step 3

Next, proceed to filling in the main field. Indicate where the goods were received, for example, a warehouse. The shortage report is drawn up after an inspection by a specially appointed commission. In the form, you must enter the date and name of the accompanying document, that is, the decision of the commission.

Step 4

If you find a defect or shortage, you must call the shipper, for this, send a telegram, fax or letter to his address. Information about the notification is indicated in the act.

Step 5

In the document, indicate the details of the shipper, manufacturer, supplier and insurance company (if the goods were insured). Enter the number, date of the delivery agreement, as well as the details of all accompanying documents (invoice, delivery note, etc.).

Step 6

Write the method of delivery of the goods (for example, using railway transport), indicate the point of departure and arrival, the time of unloading and loading of the goods, according to the bill of lading.

Step 7

Proceed to completing the next page. Here you must provide information about the delivery. In the tabular section, include such data as the type of packaging, the number of pieces, the weight of the cargo - you must rewrite all this information from the accompanying documents.

Step 8

In the tabular section, which is located below, you must indicate the actual data, highlight the discrepancies. Please also write in the date you opened the package. Be sure to indicate the conditions for storing the goods at the recipient; if the consignment arrived by rail, write information about unloading, the condition of the container at the time of acceptance of the goods and the presence of a seal.

Step 9

On the next page, you should record the methods for determining the discrepancy, such as weighing, measuring, etc. Describe in detail all defects, possible causes of their occurrence. At the end, be sure to indicate the conclusion of the commission, put the signatures of all members, including the chairman. Next, sign the statement of shortage from the head of the organization and the chief accountant. The manager must approve the act.

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