How To Get A Metro Client Card

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How To Get A Metro Client Card
How To Get A Metro Client Card

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METRO Cash & Carry is a retail and catering network that provides its customers with a wide range of services, goods and discounts. The METRO client card can be obtained by individual private entrepreneurs and representatives of legal entities.

How to get a Metro client card
How to get a Metro client card


Step 1

Read the terms of purchase and print them. The document can be read and downloaded here: Please note that according to the company's policy, the METRO client card is not issued for individuals

Step 2

Collect the necessary documents to obtain a client card. For individual entrepreneurs, you need: - a printout of the terms of purchase, certified by your seal and signature;

- a copy of the certificate of entry into the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs;

- copy of the certificate of the Federal Tax Service and TIN;

- copy of passport (first page and page with registration);

- original power of attorney of a standard form for persons entitled to make trade transactions (drawn up on behalf of an individual entrepreneur).

Step 3

The package of documents for legal entities includes: - Printed conditions of purchases;

- a copy of the certificate of the Ministry of Tax Service on the assignment of TIN;

- a copy of the document confirming the appointment of the head of the organization or an official extract from the minutes of the meeting of shareholders;

- a copy of the page from the Charter of the organization indicating the legal address;

- power of attorney for persons entitled to conclude transactions on behalf of a legal entity. All documents must be certified by the signature of the head of the organization (with a decrypted signature) and a seal.

Step 4

Come with the documents to the nearest METRO shopping center, contact the information desk and issue a client card. The card is issued completely free of charge and you can make purchases immediately.

Step 5

Remember that no more than 5 cards can be issued for one organization. Moreover, additional cards are issued only in the store where the company (or entrepreneur) was registered.

Step 6

Please note that when re-registering an individual enterprise or organization, you must provide all previously issued cards to you.

Step 7

For all your questions, you can get answers here:

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