How To Terminate A Contractual Service

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How To Terminate A Contractual Service
How To Terminate A Contractual Service

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A soldier may need to terminate a contract for various reasons. However, it is not always clear which of them will be respectful and which will not. A complete list of them can be seen in article 51 "On conscription on military service."

How to terminate a contractual service
How to terminate a contractual service


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This article states that any soldier serving under a contract can resign early due to violations of the terms of the contract in relation to him (systematic or significant). The latter include those due to which the employee and his family members are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the most significant social guarantees and rights provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Violations repeated more than two times in a short period of time will be considered systematic.

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In addition, you can quit for health reasons. This requires the conclusion of the military medical commission. Family circumstances are also a good reason. For example, if a family member, for medical reasons, cannot live in the area where a contract soldier is serving. However, there is a reservation here: the condition is valid only if the soldier cannot be transferred to another, more favorable place for family members. You can also resign in connection with the need to care for your parents, grandfather, grandmother, sister or brother, wife / husband or adoptive parent. In this situation, you will need to present a health certificate received from the federal medical examination institution.

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You can apply for termination of the contract if the employee has a minor child raised by him without the other parent. You can also leave military service if you need guardianship over your own sister or brother. Provided that they have not yet reached the age of 18 and do not have other persons who are required to support them by law.

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The next good reason is the empowerment of an employee with the powers of a senior official of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation or the head of an executive body. In connection with the appointment of a military member of the Federation Council or his election as a deputy of the legislative body or the State Duma, he may early resign from service.

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