How To Find Out The Check Number

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How To Find Out The Check Number
How To Find Out The Check Number
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A check is a type of security of the established form, containing a written order from the issuer of the check to the payer to make payment to the so-called drawer in the amount of the amount of money prescribed in it. It's hard to imagine a modern economy without checks. Cash check is especially common.

How to find out the check number
How to find out the check number


Step 1

A cashier's check is a type of document related to the payment of taxes in the Russian Federation and in other countries. Each cashier's check must have a number of details (date of operation, cash register number, total amount, list of goods purchased by the buyer, seller's TIN, etc.), including a serial number. If at least one of the specified details is missing on the check, the payment document is considered invalid. Not all buyers have an idea of ​​where and how it is possible to find its number on the check. The record containing information about the check number can be located at the top or bottom of the page: it all depends on the cash register.

Step 2

To shorten the search for the check number, look for the transaction date record (usually in format). Usually the check number is printed next to it. The number can be printed on a separate line. In this case, the abbreviated designation of the number will be indicated next to the numbers: “No.

Step 3

Couldn't find the number on your receipt? The situation is rare, but it happens. Go directly to the mall (store, supermarket) where the purchase was made. Bring your passport and check with you in advance. To save time, it will be better to take the purchased goods (if, for example, they need to be returned). If the check number is needed for any other purpose, it is not at all necessary to take the purchased goods with you.

Step 4

When talking with a cashier or a sales assistant, be sure to indicate the date of purchase, as well as list the goods that were purchased: this way the sales network employee will be able to find your receipt faster in the computer database and print it again with the number.

Step 5

The situation is somewhat more complicated with checks issued by terminals: if the check number cannot be found, then call the phone number indicated in the document (the phone number of the organization serving the terminals).

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