What Does An Interior Designer Do

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What Does An Interior Designer Do
What Does An Interior Designer Do
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The profession of an interior designer is very popular today. The designer creatively organizes the space of the room, giving it beauty and comfort. In the process of work, he has to solve a variety of problems.

What does an interior designer do
What does an interior designer do


Step 1

The work of an interior designer is not only a creative but also a technological process. It is subdivided into a number of stages. First, a technical assignment is drawn up. This is a document signed by both the customer and the designer himself. In the process of preparing it, the designer learns the wishes of the customer, the number of family members, what rooms they occupy, the desired living conditions. In addition, the designer finds out the technical conditions of the work: will it be necessary to redevelop the premises, which walls are load-bearing, how communications are connected, etc. This is followed by the layout, i.e. preparation of a plan for the arrangement of furniture and installation of electrical equipment.

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Then the designer goes directly to the creative activity. To begin with, he creates a sketch of the interior invented by him, which he then shows to the customer. If the sketch is approved, the designer selects the materials and elements necessary for its implementation. In creating the chosen style, every little thing plays an important role: color, material, texture, shape of objects that will make up the interior. Therefore, the designer should compile an accurate list of the required materials, furniture, equipment and decorative elements, indicating where all this can be bought or ordered. Experienced designers usually have regular suppliers who give them good discounts.

Step 3

The designer's creative idea is to be realized by the builders. Therefore, he needs to prepare technical documentation for them. As a rule, it includes working drawings that reflect what was shown in the sketch, but with an indication of the exact dimensions. Which drawings are included in the kit depends on the designer's intention. If he plans to make a tiered ceiling, it is necessary to develop a ceiling plan. If the floor will be tiled with a pattern, a tile layout plan is needed.

Step 4

The next stage of the designer's activity is architectural supervision. The designer monitors how accurately his plan is carried out, whether the execution of the work corresponds to the prepared documentation. However, supervision is not an obligatory part of the designer's activity and is carried out by him at the request of the customer.

Step 5

All these stages add up to the general process of the designer's work on the embodiment of the design project created by him and give a fairly clear idea of ​​his professional duties.

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