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What Is A Pattern
What Is A Pattern

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Anyone who is engaged in different types of modeling quite often has to draw the same details. Using a template can greatly facilitate your work. Such a template is called a piece. This is especially important if you have to draw complex curves, consisting of several fragments of different geometric shapes.

The mold is intended for drawing curves
The mold is intended for drawing curves

What patterns are there?

In drawing, there are two types of patterns - constant and variable curvature. The first is a template, which can contain one complex curve or several. The mold of the second type looks like a ruler, to which a special device is attached, with which you can change the curvature. Patterns of both types are used, for example, in the clothing industry. A striking example of a constant curvature pattern is the most common pattern.

In addition, there is a kind of patterns that are used to control the contours of various parts, if these contours have complex curvature. Such a piece is called measuring. The controller determines the amount of clearance between the part and the measuring template. In some cases, a special probe is used.

The so-called slope pattern is used in construction when laying roads. With its help, the transverse profiles of cuvettes and drainage ditches are controlled. Such a pattern looks like a triangle consisting of strips. The planks are at a certain angle to each other. This template is necessary for the cuvettes and drainage systems to meet standards.

Why do you need a template?

In an era when many types of design are performed on a computer using programs, it sometimes seems that the patterns have outlived their time. But this is far from the case. They are constantly used in production to cut or carve complex parts that have sections of spirals, hyperbolas and parabolas. The pattern itself can be built using a computer program, and then cut out of plastic or metal. In modern production, patterns are made using ultra-precise methods - for example, they are cut with a laser.

How the patterns are made

A variety of materials are used to make patterns. For example, in modeling clothes, it can be paper or cardboard, in school drawing lessons, plastic patterns are used, and metal or modern durable plastic is most often used to control the curvature of machine parts.

You can build a simple pattern yourself. Take a piece of paper and draw a circle on it. At some distance, draw a circle with a different diameter. Connect both shapes with two tangents. Cut out what you get. In this case, full circles were even redundant; to build a simple piece, it is enough to know the location of several of the most important points.

How to draw with a template?

To draw a curve from a piece, select the desired area. Identify three points. Find a suitable curve on the piece and draw it the way you do when using the most ordinary drawing ruler.

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