Where To Complain About The Mail

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Where To Complain About The Mail
Where To Complain About The Mail

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Citizens often face problems arising in the provision of domestic postal services. Systematically untimely delivery of correspondence, disrespectful service, loss of mailing and other negative circumstances ultimately lead to the search for an instance where you can complain about the post office or its employee.

Where to complain about the mail
Where to complain about the mail


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Step 1

First, try to solve the problem at the level of the administration of the postal facility, where you were provided with a poor-quality service. Write a statement or make an entry in the "Book of reviews and suggestions", which is available at all communication objects. If your aspirations remain unsuccessful, then complain about the post office to the management of the branch of the FSUE Russian Post, which includes this department.

Step 2

Make a written claim about non-payment of funds, non-delivery or late delivery, damage or loss of postal items, or other violations and bad faith of postal workers addressed to the director of the Federal Postal Service at the place of receipt or destination of the postal item. Send your claim by letter with a notification and a list of attachments or give it to the secretary at the FSUE Russian Post branch, who must register the application without fail.

Double the importance of your problem by making an appointment with the branch manager in person, and verbally state your complaint by mail when you meet.

Step 3

For questions about the quality of service, the provision of postal services and the work of the Russian Post, use a free call from anywhere in Russia by phone 8-800-2005-888. If you have the Internet and a personalized mailbox, send an e-mail: [email protected] or send an e-mail from the "Public reception" page of the official website of the Russian Post.

Step 4

If the postal operator refused to satisfy your claim, did not fully satisfy it or did not answer it, go to the arbitration court with a statement of claim, where you complain about the postal facility that violated the rules for the provision of postal services. Indicate all the circumstances of the case, the violated rules of law and present the requirements for the postal object.

Step 5

You have the right not to waste time on filing an application with any postal organization. Immediately report the Russian Post to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare - ROSPOTREBNADZOR or the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media - ROSKOMNADZOR. Send the application by letter to contact addresses or in electronic form directly to the head office or to the appropriate territorial office. At the same time, state your complaint via the hotline or make an appointment with the management staff.

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