How Souls Look In The Photo

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How Souls Look In The Photo
How Souls Look In The Photo

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The main distinguishing feature of a Homo sapiens is, of course, the thirst for self-knowledge. Realizing that his actions are driven by some force, that without such a component as a soul, existence is impossible, a person at all times tried to find confirmation of its existence, to feel it physically, or at least see it. Some have managed to do this through photography.

The soul of a person at the time of his death
The soul of a person at the time of his death

Skeptics do not believe in the existence of a human soul, considering this concept as a kind of prejudice, since there is no scientific explanation for it. Religious people and those who have encountered manifestations of unusual phenomena consider the soul to be an integral part of a person's essence, which continues to live even after his death. A lot of evidence of the existence of the soul has been found, many explanations and interpretations of its manifestations in one form or another have been given. And even if they are not always scientific and explainable, they are, and humanity is forced to recognize them.

What does a human soul look like?

Researchers of paranormal phenomena and various forms of manifestation of human feelings after his death describe the soul as a lump of some kind of power, energy. According to them, it is a small cloud, light or dark, depending on the type of energy and character of the person. Many researchers have managed to capture what the soul looks like in a photograph at the time of the physical death of a human body. They explain this by the fact that at the moment of cardiac arrest and cessation of brain activity, a powerful release of energy occurs, which can be seen in the form of a transparent substance above the body of the deceased. The camera lens is able to capture this moment, and the human soul is clearly visible in the photo. In some photographs taken under various conditions, a shapeless cloud of the likeness of golden threads is clearly visible. Many photographs show dark circles hovering or circling the person. It is not possible to explain this phenomenon otherwise than the presence of the souls of the dead in the frame. Another proof that there is a soul is a change in body weight by 3-9 grams during the cessation of its vital activity.

Indisputable evidence of the existence of the soul

In addition to unique photographs with manifestations of the soul as a kind of substance, there are several other indisputable evidence of its existence. One of these can be called religious and historical. Since ancient times, legends have been passed down from generation to generation about how dead people help their loved ones with advice, saints bring healing to those who ask them about it in prayer, warn of danger.

Physiological evidence for the existence of the soul was presented by English scientists. As a result of repeated experiments, they practically established its weight - after death, the body changes its mass, it becomes lighter by 3-9 grams.

Bioenergetic evidence is the human aura. Despite the opinion of skeptics, the spectral radiation of energy by the human body is a scientifically proven fact. And energy is the essence of people, their soul. It was research in this area that made it possible to see photographs of the human soul.

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