How To Make Foam Rubber

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How To Make Foam Rubber
How To Make Foam Rubber
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Polyurethane foam (PPU), in other words - foam rubber, is a soft foam, which is nine-tenths air. As you know, foam rubber is used as a material for packaging, performs a shock-absorbing function on headphones, is a filler for some types of furniture, etc. Foam rubber at home can be made by pouring.

How to make foam rubber
How to make foam rubber


  • - equipment for the manufacture of PU foam;
  • - isocyanate;
  • - polyol;
  • - spray gun;
  • - oily or silicone grease.


Step 1

Prepare a mold for pouring polyurethane foam. Depending on the desired shape of the foam rubber, you should select the appropriate blank. Due to the high adhesion (degree of adhesion to other components) of the foam rubber, it is necessary to treat the surface that will contact the foam with a special oily or silicone grease.

Step 2

In a special potting machine, mix the two main liquid components: isocyanate and polyol. The weight of such an installation is approximately 45 kg, and its dimensions are approximately 1200 × 350 × 250 mm. The foam is fed into the prepared mold using a special spray gun.

Step 3

Adhere to the basic mixing features of the PU foam components. The proportion, temperature and mixing quality of the components are important.

Step 4

Take advantage of the special timer included with the pouring machine, which significantly saves raw material waste and helps control pouring time.

Step 5

After feeding the PPU into the mold, close it. In the form, the entire form is filled with foam rubber. PPU can also be corrected using pressure. When using a curly shape, it is necessary to close its lid slowly, constantly observing that the mixture is compacted evenly and does not flow out of the mold due to the intensity of pressing the lid.

Step 6

Open the mold in a few minutes and the foam is ready.

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