How To Scan A Passport

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How To Scan A Passport
How To Scan A Passport
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A copy of a passport is required in a variety of situations - almost all institutions require it for processing various kinds of documents, issuing certificates. But sometimes it turns out that the copy was not made in accordance with the requirements - and you have to redo it yourself or contact the one who provides such services.

How to scan a passport
How to scan a passport


  • - the passport,
  • - a computer with installed scanning software,
  • - scanner.


Step 1

Before scanning a passport, remove the cover from it, it may interfere with scanning. Turn on the scanner and open your scanning software. It can be any of these programs, one of the most common is ABBYY FineReader. Open the program and select one of the scanning modes - you can choose to automatically scan and print a document, or direct the process yourself.

Step 2

Configure scan settings. To scan a passport, select the grayscale mode and resolution of 300 dpi.

Step 3

Put the passport opened on the first page on the glass with a turn down. It is best to place it at the edge of the scan area, leaving only a small gap. Close the scanner lid tightly, it is better to press it lightly with your hand - this will make the image clearer. Click the Preview button. The pre-scan of the document will begin, and as a result, you will see the scanned image on the monitor screen. Select the scan area you need with a frame - the passport itself, leaving a black field outside the frame.

Step 4

Select "Scan" at the bottom of the window and wait while the scanner processes your document and the program will give you an image of your passport page. After scanning is complete, select "Save" or "Print" in the upper left corner of the program window in the "File" tab. If you need to save a scan of a page, it is important to choose the correct extension when saving it. The bmp or tif extension is selected for scanned documents.

Step 5

Start scanning the next page of your passport. It is better to save pages by changing their names so that later it will be easier to find the one you need in the list. For a complete copy of the passport, you need to scan all of its pages, even if they are blank. Only the first page is not scanned - with the emblem of the Russian Federation.

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