Can A Deceased Person's Wedding Ring Be Worn?

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Can A Deceased Person's Wedding Ring Be Worn?
Can A Deceased Person's Wedding Ring Be Worn?

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It is undesirable to wear not only the wedding ring of a deceased person, but also all his other things. In particular, you should not remove things from a dead body, leaving them to yourself as a keepsake. They must be buried with the deceased. But this is only one of the versions.

Whether to wear the wedding ring of the deceased is a personal matter
Whether to wear the wedding ring of the deceased is a personal matter

Can a deceased person's wedding ring be worn?

Someone thinks not. After all, any thing with which a deceased person actively contacted during his lifetime keeps the memory of him. An engagement ring is a special storage ring. The fact is that precious stones and metals have a kind of energy memory. It is logical to assume that the ring that was on the finger of the deceased at the time of his death carries negative information about the state of its owner.

Supporters of this version believe that in no case should you put the ring of the deceased on your hand. Although some of them argue that such an engagement ring can be energetically "reincarnated" and then put on your finger. They propose to keep it in holy water for a day, making a kind of "energy zeroing". Why exactly a day and exactly in holy water is unknown.

The recipe for "energetic cleaning" of a wedding ring: soak the ring in salt water, holding for about three hours. Then it must be rinsed and held under a jet of steam.

There is another version of what to do with the wedding ring of a deceased person. Some optimists do not recommend getting rid of this decoration at all. Such people in every possible way deny the risk of repeating the fate of the deceased when passing his wedding ring to another person.

Of course, one can argue here for a long time, since all these are folk beliefs and superstitions. Official science on this matter has not yet given any comments at all. In this case, it is better, of course, not to risk it.

What to do with things in which the person did not die?

Many people do not share the view that all the belongings of the deceased person should be given away or buried with him. This is understandable. It is one thing when it comes to those things in which the deceased departed to another world, but it is completely different - his personal belongings, which have nothing to do with his death!

On this occasion, a vivid example can be given: a woman's husband died, to whom the car was recorded. He loved his "swallow", doted on her soul. But this does not mean at all that the car should be sold sooner and not even get into it, not to drive it in the future. So it is with other things.

It is considered a bad sign to donate the deceased's belongings (including his wedding ring) to other people. Otherwise, they will transmit the negative energy that this person had.

In general, each person decides for himself what to do with certain items and jewelry that once belonged to the deceased. It all depends on personal beliefs.

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