How To Return A Damaged Product

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How To Return A Damaged Product
How To Return A Damaged Product
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The interests and rights of buyers are guarded by the federal law on the protection of consumer rights. You have the right to return even a high-quality product that did not suit you or simply did not like it upon closer inspection. Moreover, you can always refuse to purchase if it turns out to be defective, demanding a refund from the store.

How to return a damaged product
How to return a damaged product


Step 1

If you can replace a defective product both in the store and at the manufacturer's factory, then only the seller can return the damaged product. Returning a defective product in legal language qualifies as termination of the sales contract. You must inform the management of the store or any other outlet where the product was purchased about this fact and the requirement to return the amount paid in writing. This requirement is written in the form of a statement on a regular sheet of paper.

Step 2

In the upper right corner, indicate the position of the manager and the name of the store, your last name, initials, mailing address and contact phone number. Then, in the middle of the line, with a capital letter, write the heading "Statement", after which, in any form, state its essence.

Step 3

In the text of the application, it is necessary to indicate when and where the goods were purchased. Give its full name with the article or brand. You can write under what circumstances the malfunction was detected and what exactly it is expressed in. Demand to declare the sale and purchase agreement terminated and return your money.

Step 4

Indicate which method of refunding the amount is most preferable for you: you can get the money back to the mailing address indicated in the application, in cash through the cashier of the store or to your current bank account. In this case, you will need to indicate the bank details in the application: its full name, TIN, BIC, correspondent account and your current account number.

Step 5

It is better to send a letter to the store by mail with acknowledgment of receipt. According to article 22 of the Consumer Protection Law, 10 days after receiving your application, the store management will satisfy your request for a refund of the amount you paid for the damaged product.

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