What To Do If Your Mobile Phone Is Stolen

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What To Do If Your Mobile Phone Is Stolen
What To Do If Your Mobile Phone Is Stolen

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Mobile phone thefts are quite common. For the most part, the owners of phones themselves are to blame for this, because they keep them in the pockets of jackets and raincoats. It is not difficult for robbers to steal a mobile unnoticed if the place is crowded.

It's hard to part with a thing because of your stupidity
It's hard to part with a thing because of your stupidity

Report to the police

Most often, the loss is already found at home, and it is not possible to find out who it was. You can write a statement to the police. No one will investigate this case, because more than a hundred such applications are submitted every day. One has only to count on a lucky break. If the robber gets into the department, then his phone will be checked. If it turns out to be stolen, it will be confiscated and handed over to its owner.

Catch up with the thief

There are situations when the phone is literally pulled out of the hands. Then you can rely only on your physical fitness and run headlong after the robber, shouting for help. If the thief managed to escape, then it is necessary to remember his appearance, clothing, some identifying signs. This information will be useful to the police. If we are talking about a small town where everyone knows each other, then it is possible to calculate the thief by the description.

Cell phone companies are developing a system to protect the phone from burglars. In case of theft, the phone will be blocked, and no one will ever be able to use it.

Take advantage of the robber's inexperience

Sometimes robbers make a number of mistakes that can be exploited. They do not dispose of the SIM card and make calls from it. At the branch of a mobile operator, you can easily take a printout of calls or outgoing messages. The person is determined by the number - the owner of this card. There is a possibility that these are relatives and acquaintances of the robber. From this trail, you can calculate the thief himself.

When there is no hope for the police, they conduct their own investigation. If the thief did not throw out the SIM card, then you can try to call your mobile or write a message asking for a ransom. When the phone is old or not so fancy, burglars can agree to barter. What to do when meeting with a robber, everyone must decide on their own. You can call the police squad for help or call your friends so that they take away the phone by force, or you can honestly give the money, as agreed.

Sometimes the value of a phone is not as great as its contents. It can store important information or photos that you want to return.

In order not to get into such situations, it is better to initially keep things in a safe place. You should not take your phone out on the subway during rush hour, because in such a crush it is impossible to feel that someone has entered a pocket or a bag. You don't have to take expensive things with you when you go out to the store in the evening. Their presence can be a temptation for potential thieves.

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