How To File Invoices

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How To File Invoices
How To File Invoices

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Bookkeeping is a rather painstaking task. Folders with invoices for some types of contracts must be kept in the organization for up to ten years, so they need to be filed so that at any time the required document can be found.

How to file invoices
How to file invoices


Step 1

Maintain an invoice journal. Enter there all the numbers of the documents you are going to file. It is best to do this electronically, in a special program, or in a regular Excel spreadsheet. Enter the document number (usually mixed - numeric and numeric) and its date. From time to time, transfer data to disks so that in the event of a computer breakdown, the archive will remain intact.

Step 2

Create multiple invoice ledgers if there is more than one legal entity in the company. When drafting a document, immediately give it the appropriate number. Apply conventions. For example, mark the invoices issued for JSC "Zolotaya Antelope" as 123-ZA, and for JSC "Padishah" as 123-P. Be sure to indicate the number of the contract or agreement to which this invoice was drawn up.

Step 3

Take the invoice to be filed. Punch two holes with a hole punch. Paste the document into a folder. Use heavy-duty binders to avoid wrinkling your securities. Don't stuff them too tightly.

Step 4

The second storage method is in file folders. Take the transparent cover and insert the invoice into it. Place the file in a binder and secure with special holders.

Step 5

Label each folder. Note which legal entity invoices are stored there. Write the period for which the documents were collected.

Step 6

Please send invoices older than three years to the warehouse. Place folders in cardboard boxes that are breathable. Indicate on the walls the number of binders inside and to which legal entity they belong. In the program in which you register documents, mark which of them were sent to the warehouse. If necessary, it will always be possible to pick up the archive and find the necessary papers.

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