How To Open A Patent

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How To Open A Patent
How To Open A Patent

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Science and technology continue to develop, and thanks to the efforts of scientists and engineers, more and more inventions appear that improve and make life easier for humans. But in order to retain the rights to use the discovery, it is necessary to patent it. How to open a patent for an invention?

How to open a patent
How to open a patent


Step 1

Find out if an invention like yours has been registered before. To do this, you can familiarize yourself with the catalog of inventions on the website of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS). There you will find a link to the electronic library where you can find catalogs of inventions.

Step 2

Determine which category your future patent application belongs to - utility model or invention. If you are in doubt about the type of application, contact the patent office staff.

Step 3

If your discovery turns out to be unique, apply for a patent registration. To do this, contact the Patent Department of the FIPS. The initial application can be submitted either in person or over the Internet. It must contain a statement drawn up according to a sample that can be taken on the FIPS website. Also, the application must include a description of the invention, as well as its claims, conveyed in words. The formula should describe the useful properties of the item you invented, as well as its technical features. The claim must be as clear and detailed as possible in order to confirm your right to the invention in the event of a patent dispute. Together with the description of the invented object, you must provide its drawings.

Step 4

Further, upon approval of your initial application, you will have to send your object for examination. It is carried out in a simplified form for a utility model and in a much more detailed form for an invention.

Step 5

Pay the required fees. For 2011, the cost of considering an application for a utility model is 600 rubles, and for an invention - 1200 rubles. If the application is approved, then you will need to additionally pay for the examination - 1200 and 1800 rubles, respectively. You can find out the details for payment on the FIPS website in the "Fees" section.

Step 6

With a positive result of the examination, you will receive your patent, which will confirm your right to the invention. Do not forget that you will need to renew it annually.

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