How To Write About Yourself In The Profile

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How To Write About Yourself In The Profile
How To Write About Yourself In The Profile
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As a rule, when looking for a new job, it becomes necessary to fill out a questionnaire. It would seem that filling out the questionnaire should not cause any difficulties - the questions have already been drawn up and it only remains to answer them. However, there are certain nuances here too. How to correctly write about yourself in the questionnaire?

How to write about yourself in the profile
How to write about yourself in the profile


Step 1

Prepare in advance all the documents necessary to fill out the questionnaire - passport, work book, TIN, military ID, diplomas and others. Make sure you have information about previous places of work - actual and legal addresses, names of managers, phone numbers of organizations.

Step 2

Think about the answers to questions about achievements, hobbies, strengths and weaknesses of your character. Provide information on the availability of awards, publications, participation in conferences, etc. When answering about personality traits, highlight qualities that are useful for a particular job. At the same time, it should be understood that such achievements as, for example, the winner of the "Competition of indecent jokes" can forever close the doors to a prestigious company for you.

Step 3

Prepare for a question about expected wages. Try to objectively assess your value as a professional in the labor market and be ready to give reasons for your answer.

Step 4

Before starting to fill out the questionnaire, carefully review all the questions. Pay attention to points that duplicate each other - as a rule, they are given in order to avoid distortion of information.

Step 5

Fill out the questionnaire slowly, in clear handwriting. Try to avoid corrections and strikethroughs. A carelessly completed questionnaire will demonstrate your attitude to work. In addition, the HR manager is unlikely to waste his time and delve into illegible phrases.

Step 6

Be careful. If the questionnaire provides for a ranking of any indicators, make sure that you have correctly understood how many points are the lowest and which are the highest. Pay attention to which - the first or the last - place of work you need to indicate the data in the appropriate column …

Step 7

Try to fill in all the fields of the questionnaire offered to you. An unfilled application form will demonstrate your frivolous attitude to work.

Step 8

Answer as honestly as possible and be prepared for the fact that all the factual information you specified in the questionnaire will be verified.

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