How Is The Rotation On The Radio

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How Is The Rotation On The Radio
How Is The Rotation On The Radio

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Radio rotation is the scrolling of a track on the air of a radio station. It can be high if the song is played frequently, and low if rarely. Radio rotation is often used to promote performers.

How is the rotation on the radio
How is the rotation on the radio

What is rotation?

At commercial radio stations, the rotation is as follows: a sponsorship deal is made with a recording studio, composer, performer, etc., then the music director of the radio station adds the track to the playlist. Radio rotation for commercial radio is thus a result of the production of the track on the air. At student radio stations, where a disc jockey chooses a music program based on his own musical preferences, the rotation situation is different.

There are so-called radio charts in almost all countries. Thanks to them, listeners will learn about the latest musical hits. The USA, Germany, Japan, UK, Australia and Brazil have several radio charts that are graded by music genre and country territory. In Russia, the radio chart is presented by the Tophit company. She not only compiles the Russian national radio chart, but also works with the CIS countries. Some singles were hugely popular on radio charts, but sales were extremely poor. Such tracks are still called "tape hits" in the West, because they were played on the radio only on vinyl records.

What is the significance of radio rotation for musicians

Every musician dreams of getting into the hit parade, because the presence of a hit song means recognition, popularity, profit in the end. In the definition of "hit", radio rotation plays an important role. Promotion of a music product using radio rotation is still a popular and effective way to promote an artist, along with the use of social networks.

Rotation on the radio is also referred to simply as "scrolling". The meaning of the rotation is that the song of a certain performer is “played” on the air, and the more often it is played, the more popular and famous it becomes. When musicians talk among themselves about getting into the rotation, it means successful promotion. However, as a rule, success comes precisely because the song gets into high rotation. One way or another, rotation on the radio can bring the performer universal popularity. Sometimes a few days are enough for an artist to become famous and loved throughout the country. In addition, radio rotation does not require a large investment. The only caveat is that the audio recording must be of good quality so that listening to the track is pleasant to the listeners.

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